isobelle_carmody_obernewtyn_audiobooks.jpg Bolinda Audio are currently recording The Obernewtyn Chronicles for audiobook with Isobelle Carmody, and contacted us this week with a status update and release dates for all of the audiobooks this year (and next).

[hr][/hr]Currently part way through the 4th book, The Keeping Place, Isobelle is due to start recording again with Bolinda in the coming week. She has already completed Obernewtyn through Ashling, which are in post-production in preparation for their release.

Obernewtyn Chronicles audiobooks will be available:

Obernewtyn – May 2016 The Farseekers – July 2016 Ashling – September 2016 The Keeping Place – November 2016 The Stone Key – January 2017 The Sending – March 2017 The Red Queen – May 2017 Obernewtyn is currently available for pre-order on the Bolinda website, too (RRP $29.95). You can purchase it in disc format, or MP3 format.


    6 years ago

    Thanks James! Awesome to know!

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    Dark One
    6 years ago

    I've just ordered Obernewtyn! For other UK buyers, it doesn't appear on the UK site at the moment, but you can order for the Aus link above. Including shipping it comes to $56, which is about £29

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