hannah_seraphim_journey_isobelle_carmody.jpg Bolinda audio have just released a free audiobook called The Journey, which was recorded by Isobelle Carmody when she was recently at their studio recording the Obernewtyn Chronicles audiobooks. The Journey is one of the Hannah Seraphim short stories in circulation (the other being The Dark Road), detailing how the crucial character came to work for the Reichler Clinic...and much more.

[hr][/hr]While the Obernewtyn Chronicles is over, there are many things we still don't know about the world, particularly involving the Beforetime's Cassy and Hannah; the two women who (as far as we're aware) helped set up the keys and clues for Elspeth's quest, and to fill in some of those gaps it's been Isobelle's intention to write several short stories (including the Matthew and Dragon story, which will also explore the Salamander/Ariel relationship). While The Journey has existed for a few years now, it's been available only in an anthology that many haven't been able to locate or purchase easily, so the details of Hannah's life have been as much a mystery as ever to the majority of fans. But now The Journey is available, in full, for free, on audible - read by Isobelle Carmody herself.

Get The Journey for free here.

The blurb on Audible reads: "A bonus never-before-released short story by best-selling author Isobelle Carmody. Before the apocalyptic Great White - and the regressive theology that ruled the decimated population in its wake - the city of Uropa is a gleaming metropolis devoted wholly to materialistic consumption." Many thanks to Isobelle (who owns the full rights of this story) Bolinda audio for making this part of the Obernewtyn Chronicles world available to everyone! If you haven't read it already, go get it straight away!