obernewtyn_community_group.png Today Obernewtyn.net has created a closed group on Facebook, called Obernewtyn Community, which is intended to help Isobelle Carmody fans old and new to reconnect via the much more user-friendly (and notification-friendly!) Facebook Groups application.

[hr][/hr]The group can work the same way as the forums (minus the...uh, influx of spam that the forums has been attracting), but instead of separating out topics into a bunch of forums, everything and anything that you would have posted on the Obernet forums can be posted in the one group. To help to sort posts, members are encouraged (but not required) to use hashtags, and the search functionality. There's a pinned post at the top of the group that explains what hashtags are and how to use them, if you're unfamiliar with the utility. The group's privacy is set to closed; but only so that members posts aren't posted all over your non-misfit friends' Facebook feeds!

What about the site forums?!

They're still here, but we're going to slowly began to archive and close them down. Posts will remain where they are, in case anyone wants to refer to them - but the ability to post new threads will eventually be closed off. Thanks a bunch, spammers! [act]glares[/act] We know this is a HUGE change to the way Obernewtyn.net works, but before you get too worried about the difference, ask yourself; will this really make anything very different, these days? When did you last post on the forums, or carry out a discussion with other Obernetters here? Months ago? Years? The MoOs more regularly delete spam posts, these days, than anything else. Forums seem to have become a thing of the past. The Facebook group, we hope, will make the community relevant and accessible again, and get rid of the spam problem. So if you have something to share with Isobelle Carmody fans far and wide, a theory about what's to come in the Legendsong Saga, Nightgate Trilogy or Beforetime Chronicles, are reading a great book and want to share how much you love it with fellow readers, or simply want to squee about Doctor Who - kick back, relax, grab a choca, and have fun. Here's where to join: Obernewtyn Community group.