The Stone Key publication date: 4th February 2008


Isobelle Carmody posted on our message boards recently regarding the change in release date of The Stone Key, 5th book in the Obernewtyn Chronicles:

Isobelle Carmody posted on our message boards recently regarding the change in release date of The Stone Key, 5th book in the Obernewtyn Chronicles:


Dear all of you, This change in release date is true and is not Penguin's fault. It is the fault of the author. Penguin does have the manuscript, as Min says, but that was the final draft before I began to work with an editor, and it went in late. This is the second edit with the editor (instead of my own), and the book is so long and complex and so much had to be checked and the writing polished that it has taken a few weeks longer to finish than I anticipated. I have worked so hard to meet the deadline, and yet in the end there was just not quite enough time. It seems so unfair that a couple of weeks delay should mean such a long publishing delay, but the fact is that I have missed my place in the publishing schedule. You would think that would mean it could come out a month later, but November has a full publishing schedule and Penguin do not like to bring out anything new in December or January. I am not sure why but it is the same with all publishers. In fact, penguin offered to do anything they could to expedite the editing process, but in the end what could they do? I have to do it and that is that. What they did do was not send reproachful or angry emails, because they knew I was doing all I could. The commissioning editor actually apologised to me when she emailed yesterday that I had missed the deadline for publication in october, which made me feel even worse. I think she knew I would feel awful so she did not tell me the new release date, saying she would call me. Ironically, I didn't actually know the new release date until I logged on here to write an email to warn you, and I felt like howling when I read it, even though I knew it would be something like this. I don't blame you for feeling angry and frustrated. I could kill me. But please don't imagine that I or Penguin would be stupid or callous enough to 'drag it out'. In the end, I am simply not the sort of writer who can accurately say how long a thing can take in advance to finish. That would mean I was a futureteller or a hack, and I wish I were one and am glad I am not the other. I know you have waited a long time, but I hope you will wait a little longer, knowing that you will not have to wait long for the last one. I am going to email the essance of this letter to Penguin as well, so it can go on their website too. isobelle

Isobelle Carmody
The message from Isobelle can be read on our Members message board, here, as well. Thank you so much Isobelle, for confirming for us. I think I speak for everyone when I say that an extra 3 months is nothing! Why not head over to Penguin's to watch readings of extracts from The Stone Key by Isobelle herself, from the Convergence Festival in Melbourne in June '07. View Isobelle's reading's here! You'll be taken to the Penguin site to view them. ALSO! You can now download a Sneak Peak of Chapter One of The Stone Key! Edit: For those of you who can't view the .wmv (for whatever reason), we've transcribed the readings for you: Click here to read transcripts of the readings All credits to Isobelle, and to Penguin for providing the original recording, of course ;)



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