Update from Penguin INCLUDING Evolution of the Obernewtyn Chronicles Covers!


Our lovely Penguin Group (Australia) contact, Sharlene, recently emailed me with an update email which included a number of exciting things.

Our lovely Penguin Group (Australia) contact, Sharlene, recently emailed me with an update email which included a number of exciting things.

[hr][/hr]First, briefly, The Stone Key's 'A-format edition' will be released in January 2009. (I'm guessing this means in it's second edition? Smaller size etc?) Secondly, and this is the BIG news - Penguin's Fantasy section of their site has a very exciting Evolution of the Obernewtyn Chronicles Covers .pdf (6-7MB .pdf file), which includes a history of Obernewtyn Chronicles covers and detailed descriptions of how the artists arrived at the final covers we see published today, using stock photos, commissioned paintings, Photoshop and Illustrator! A must for anyone interested in the history of the Obernewtyn Chronicles and particularly, anyone interested in the novel cover design process! Many, many thanks to Sharlene and Penguin for their updates. The evolution of the covers is a MUST SEE for any Obernewtyn Chronicles fan!


    11 years ago

    Sorry to say, but The Evolution of the Obernewtyn Covers was originally a display prepared for the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Convention "Convergence" in June last year, so the info's a little out of date. The Sending will not be coming out this year, although I wish it would! Apparently IC said she's hoping it will be published early 2010, although Penguin are currently saying early 2009. I guess we'll see. *crosses fingers*

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    11 years ago

    Maybe it's just me, but I squeaked a little bit when I read the bit about The Sending being published in 2008. Gotta wonder what the chances are of it being 100% correct...

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    11 years ago

    Thanks for the updates, Min! I love the Ashling concept artwork better than the current cover as well. ;D And it's great to get a sense of the work that Cathy Larsen put into designing the covers.

    And since I've studied publishing: the 'A-format edition' of TSK will indeed be a smaller version of the book, so it will be the same size as the others. ;D (The current cover is probably 'C format', although they might call it a 'trade paperback'.)

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    11 years ago

    Wow thats really awsome. As someone studying digital art and design it was really interesting to see how a professional actually does go through the design process.
    also excitement at sneak peak at potential new cover =D

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    11 years ago

    Mmmhmmm. This is really cool, and Min I must agree with you. In fact, I'd say I like it (ship/earth temple) better than the current one now. ;D

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