Congrats Iatckeg, Roz, Jrydell and Mony; TSK A-format - Exciting News!


Wonderful news!

Wonderful news! Today our fantastic Penguin contact sent me an early copy of The Stone Key in it's A-format release. It's a little smaller-sized than the original as you'll see from the picture to the left, to match the size of the other recently-released Obernewtyn Chronicles novels.

[hr][/hr]The Stone Key - A-format EditionThe BIG news for Obernet is that four of our lucky members - Iatckeg, Roz, Jrydell and Mony - have had their quotes from TSK Comp that we ran back in February this year (originally for "The Stone Key Giveaway") immortalised. Penguin were so impressed with some of the entries that they requested to include them in the book itself!
The last two pages list " Quotes", and each quote gets half a page. HUGE congratulations, guys - you are now, officially, immortal :P ! I've included photos of the two pages below - click on each picture to open up a larger copy that you can actually read! The Stone Key A-format release will be available in bookshops in January 2009.

TSK A-fornat quotes, page 1 TSK A-format quotes, page 2

Message from Isobelle Carmody on Obernet Message from Isobelle to congratulate the winners! :)


    10 years ago

    I saw an A-format copy of the book in the shop the other day. I just had to show the person I was with (luckily a Carmody fan). I was very excited to finally see it other than in a photo. Congrats guys!

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    10 years ago

    If I show my mum, maybe she'll finally believe that is not a scary website. I mean, is trustworthy isn't it? Its just some people on it that you can't trust...

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    10 years ago

    Oh! This is most exciting news!

    Congratulations again to the above Obernetters - who captured how we feel about this fantastic series.

    And as always thank you Penguin for your continued support (L)

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