mystics_win_ongoing_guild_comp_1011.jpg The MYSTICS!
With a total of 1267.5 Points!
Congratulations to everyone who contributed - and particularly to the victors! This has been the first time the Mystics have won the Guild comp since the 2007-2008 competition!

[hr][/hr]Go and revel in the shininess of your shiny trophy, which has been added to the Mystics Cavern page.

Final Points were:
Mystics - 1267.5
Dreamweavers - 1067
Ashlings - 584
Wanderers - 490

A complete breakdown of Points can be found, as usual, on the 1011 Pointage Page. As of now (July 2011), we'll be kicking off a new Guild comp - for 11-12 - and a new Pointage page will be up shortly. Any competitions that were open last guild comp, but are yet to be completed, will automatically have their points added to the new 11-12 year.


    11 years ago

    Congrats Mystics. A well-deserved win. Well done to the Ashlings also! (We didn't come last!)

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    11 years ago

    Go MYSTICS ! the trophy looks really cool. well done to everyone !

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    11 years ago

    Woot. I like it, it's shiny. Well done to all the other guilds as well.

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