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Read the first chapter of The Red Queen, via Penguin

With 2 days until The Red Queen is released in stores, Penguin has released chapter one of the highly-anticipated final Obernewtyn Chronicles book on their website!

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Isobelle holds The Red Queen for the first time, plus Booktopia interview

Isobelle Carmody flew to Sydney yesterday to catch up with Penguin and to sign a ton of books (1200!

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The Red Queen has been PRINTED!

The interwebs exploded this afternoon when Isobelle Carmody posted a photo to her facebook wall:

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Isobelle Carmody's "The Red Queen" to be released in 2015!

Isobelle Carmody has finally posted a release date for the much-awaited conclusion to her Obernewtyn saga, The Red Queen.

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Obernewtyn is going pink!

Obernewtyn has been a Popular Penguin since 2010 but now it's not only popular but PINK!

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The Cloud Road, Book 2 in Kingdom of the Lost, out today!

The second book in Isobelle Carmody's award-winning children's series The Kingdom of the Lost is out today (24 April 2013) in hardback format in stores around Australia.

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The Sending paperback edition - in stores 24 April 2013

Penguin are releasing the paperback edition of The Sending on April 24th, so if you didn't manage to get yourself a copy in its large format - and are having trouble tracking down a copy right now - the wait will be over in 10 days.

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The Sending is now available as an eBook!

Have you been having trouble getting a hard copy of The Sending?

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The sending of The Sending Competition

Our lovely contact at Penguin, Jordan, has recently sent us a bunch of autographed copies of The Sending to give away to Obernet members.

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'The Red Queen' Release Date Moved to 2013!

Penguin has posted a news item on their Penguin Teen Website concerning the release date of the Red Queen.

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The Sending: Spotted now in bookstores around Australia

The reports are sparse, but there's been a few sightings (and purchases!

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Isobelle Status Update About The Red Queen; Penguin Tweets Sending Posters

[strike]Two[/strike] Three teensy bits of news today, both mega-exciting and thus worth documenting here.

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Penguin Presents - Isobelle Carmody

Our Penguin contact Felicity has passed us a newly-uploaded video in which Isobelle talks about her writing, drawing and life with her family in the lead up to the much anticipated sixth book in The Obernewtyn Chronicles, 'The Sending', in her beautiful hometown of Apollo Bay.

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Big News on The Sending!

Isobelle and Penguin have been plotting away, and we have just received some very exciting news from them!

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Obernewtyn added to Penguin's Popular series!

Isobelle Carmody's Obernewtyn, book one in The Obernewtyn Chronicles, has been added to Penguin Austrlaia's Popular Penguin series!

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Video Interview & Anniversary Message from Isobelle!

Yesterday I received an anniversary gift from Sharlene @ Penguin - a video interview with Isobelle, that they recorded during the Sydney Writers' Festival this year.

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Update from Penguin INCLUDING Evolution of the Obernewtyn Chronicles Covers!

Our lovely Penguin Group (Australia) contact, Sharlene, recently emailed me with an update email which included a number of exciting things.

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And the winners of our 2nd TSK competition are...!

Penguin Australia, the publisher of the Obernewtyn Chronicles has exclusively presented Obernewtyn.net with a number of pre-release copies of The Stone Key, to thank to us - the members - for our dedication and support of Isobelle Carmody.

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Win a copy of The Stone Key - before it's released! WINNERS!

Penguin Australia, the publisher of the Obernewtyn Chronicles has exclusively presented Obernewtyn.net with a number of pre-release copies of The Stone Key, to thank to us - the members - for our dedication and support of Isobelle Carmody over the past 9 years.

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Sign the Green Monkey Dreams Petition!

"Green Monkey Dreams is a deeply unified collection, its stories linked together in complex and complementary ways.

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2 more books in the Obernewtyn chronicles - confirmed!

After all the rumours floating around regarding The Sending (or not The Sending), I went to Penguin this week and got the following email in response.

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