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Isobelle to explore Salamander/Ariel relationship in Matthew/Dragon short story

Many of you following Isobelle Carmody on Facebook would have already seen this, but for those who haven't: an Obernewtyn Chronicles fan recently posted on Isobelle's wall, asking for more details about the primary antagonist and slave master now that The Red Queen is over, and Isobelle has responded!

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The Red Queen Launch - After Party!

Did you attend Isobelle Carmody's fantastic High Tea or Masked Ball to celebrate the end of the Obernewtyn Chronicles last weekend?

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See you at The Red Queen Launch!

The Masked Ball is only 5 sleeps away!

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The Red Queen Tour Dates for 2015

In case you missed it, tucked away in the Isobelle Carmody Appearances for 2015 list, yesterday we were sent over the dates for Isobelle's 2015 Red Queen Tour!

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Happy Red Queen Launch Day!

It's 12th November, which means that Isobelle Carmody's final Obernewtyn Chronicles book, The Red Queen is now available!

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Read the first chapter of The Red Queen, via Penguin

With 2 days until The Red Queen is released in stores, Penguin has released chapter one of the highly-anticipated final Obernewtyn Chronicles book on their website!

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Join Isobelle for Pancakes to Celebrate The Red Queen Launch

To coincide with the release of The Red Queen this Thursday (!

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We've set up two threads to post all your spoilers for The Red Queen

[hr][/hr]Please be mindful of others when you post spoilers.

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Isobelle holds The Red Queen for the first time, plus Booktopia interview

Isobelle Carmody flew to Sydney yesterday to catch up with Penguin and to sign a ton of books (1200!

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The Red Queen has been PRINTED!

The interwebs exploded this afternoon when Isobelle Carmody posted a photo to her facebook wall:

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Read the blurb from The Red Queen!

The blurb for The Red Queen, 7th (and final) Obernewtyn Chronicles book, was published on the Penguin website today.

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Red Queen Launch pre-registrants - buy your ticket to the Masked Ball!

This morning the ticketing website for The Red Queen Launch Party taking place in Melbourne on the 12th December opened, allowing members of Obernewtyn.net who pre-registered for tickets to secure their place at either the High Tea or Masked Ball event.

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The Red Queen Masked Ball (and how to get an invite)

That Masked Ball that you've probably heard about that Isobelle Carmody will be putting together to launch The Red Queen and send off the Obernewtyn Chronicles?

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Isobelle Carmody Finishes The Red Queen

In a couple of social media posts last night, Isobelle Carmody confirmed what many of us have been wondering: YES, she has finished The Red Queen, final Obernewtyn Chronicles book, and handed it in to Penguin to publish for the 12th November!

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Obernet Book Club: Obernewtyn Chronicles Re-read

With The Red Queen coming out in a little over 6 months it's the perfect time to start a re-read of the journey so far!

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Isobelle Carmody's "The Red Queen" to be released in 2015!

Isobelle Carmody has finally posted a release date for the much-awaited conclusion to her Obernewtyn saga, The Red Queen.

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New Isobelle Carmody interview from the Australian Spec Fic Snapshot

Isobelle Carmody has recently done an interview with David McDonald from Ebon Shores as part of the Australian Spec Fic Snapshot for 2014.

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Elspeth's dreamtrail form gets a mention in Isobelle's latest blog post

Isobelle's latest blog post, Too many angels, gives us a brief look at an upcoming dream Elspeth experiences from The Red Queen:

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Enter the Visions of Obernewtyn Photography Comp for a chance to win an excerpt of The Red Queen!

We don't usually make news items out of our own competitions, but this one is so special and exciting we figured it would be worth it!

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'The Red Queen' Release Date Moved to 2013!

Penguin has posted a news item on their Penguin Teen Website concerning the release date of the Red Queen.

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Isobelle Status Update About The Red Queen; Penguin Tweets Sending Posters

[strike]Two[/strike] Three teensy bits of news today, both mega-exciting and thus worth documenting here.

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Big News on The Sending!

Isobelle and Penguin have been plotting away, and we have just received some very exciting news from them!

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The Sending & The Red Queen Covers Released!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've undoubtedly already seen the future cover for the Penguin (Australia) version of The Sending...but, have you seen these?

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