Signature and Avatar Help Page

The following tutorial explains the uploading of images to be used as Avatars. For the use of images in Signatures, please read all of these steps, and then see the extra points below. Sig You will need to have your images stored on the internet somewhere before attempting this tutorial. We recommend PhotoBucket, a website that will store your images for free. If you are confused about uploading images, please see their help page. Please use a PhotoBucket account for storing your images, as the rest of this tute assumes PhotoBucket usage. Once your images are stored online in your PhotoBucket (or other online storage) account:

  • go to your PhotoBucket Album, and click on the image you want to make your avatar Image2
  • This will load another page that displays links for sharing your images Image3
  • Click on the field next to 'Direct Link'. The message 'Copied' should appear Selection
  • Sign into 1
  • Click on your 'Settings' page 1
  • Scroll down to the Avatar section, click in the field beside 'Use remote avatar' and paste the link. (Please note the size restrictions of 120 x 100 pixels.) Step1
  • Click on 'Save settings' at the bottom of the page. Your avatar should now appear next to your forum posts.
  • To add an image into your Signature, simply follow the above steps, except when choosing your link in PhotoBucket, instead click on the field next to 'IMG Code' Highlighted
  • Follow the above steps to log into Obernet and go to your 'Settings' page, and then paste the link into the field beside 'Signature' and then click 'Save settings'. Test

You should now have an image in your signature. If any of your signature is cut off, the image is most likely too large – signatures cannot be larger than 200 pixels high x 500 pixels wide. Please note that you can resize and crop images using Photobucket, which also has tutorials (Resizing and Cropping).

  • To add a link into your signature, use the url tags as shown below, and paste your chosen link after the = sign 2

If you continue to have problems adding your images, please post a request for assistance in the Image Help thread, and let us know what's happening, or what's meant to be happening. :)