Character Interviews Writing Competition

We read about Isobelle Carmody's characters in the books, but we don't often get to really know them. I mean, what is Elspeth's favourite meal, how does Ember maintain that perfect firey frizz, and how does Nathaniel think he will go on his final exams?

It's these pressing questions that have led us to recruit you to conduct an exclusive interview with any character from any of Isobelle Carmody's books.

Entry requirements
- You can only pick one character per interview,
- You can enter up to 3 times using 3 different characters.

You can ask them anything you want, as long as you:
- Ask no less than 10 and no more than 20 questions,
- Keep it PG.

Each entry should be no longer than 2000 words. As specified before, you can enter this one up to three times.

Submission Suggestions
- This is an interview, so dialogue between both interviewer and interviewee is expected, otherwise we leave it up to you as to how you answer the questions :)
- Try not to just receive an answer, but elicit some reason as to why they provided that answer.

Entries open from now until 28 February 2013.

1st: 40 points
2nd: 30 points
3rd: 20 points
Each entry receives: 5 points

No judges required; judging will take place after the competition is closed for entries in a forum poll.

To submit, please post directly to the Fanfiction section of the site, and select the "Character Interviews" Category.

For a complete FAQ on how to submit your stories to the Fanfiction section, see this post.
Don't worry about anyone stealing your ideas after you submit, either; all entries will remain hidden until the end of the competition.

If you have any questions, please ask them below!
    9 years ago

    Whichever format you like :)

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    9 years ago

    Does it matter how we format the interview? I mean, do we have to write it in question/answer format: Me: what is your favorite colour? / Elspeth: Green, because it is the colour of Rushton's eyes. Or can we write it in prose: 'what is your favorite colour?' / Elspeth ponders a moment, then smiles. 'Green, I think. The colour of Rushton's eyes.' She blushes a little and shakes her head. 'Is that silly?'

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