Writing Competition Rules

There are 5 very simple rules, please abide by them.
Failure to comply may result in disqualification!

1. You MUST be a member of Obernewtyn.net to enter, and judge the competition.

2. There are three sections in which you may enter a maximum of FOUR (up from three) pieces of writing per competition: General Story writing, General Poetry and Obernewtyn related writing (this may be something like a poem about a character, or an essay on which lands you think are spoken of in the chronicles, or some fan fiction etc.)

3. Judges only judge one section per competition. They cannot enter a section they are judging. If they are judging general story then they can enter the obernewtyn related or general poetry sections, - but not all three.

4. Course language or crudity of any kind will not be accepted. Acceptable submissions will be posted on this site, but we will NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PUBLISH ANYTHING WE CONSIDER IMPROPER. We reserve the right to decide what meets these standards. You know well enough what passes and what doesn't so dont even try it, ok?

5. General Poetry section judges reserve the right to declare a poem unfit for judging due to the fact that it is too short, or belongs in the Story or Obernewtyn sections. (Basically this is just to stop people sending in one line pieces and calling them 'poems' to increase their guild points - I doubt this will be a problem but I thought I'd better mention it all the same :) )

If you have any enquiries, please send them to -email->-email-