You Know You're Addicted To Obernewtyn When...

You have considered calling your daughter Elspeth.
You refer to the police as 'soldierguards'.
You refer to the government as 'the Council'.
You read someone's mind and start wondering if you're a coercer, or have deep probe abilites.
You visit your bookstore every week to find out when The Sending is being released.
You start speaking to your cat... and believe that it's answering you.
You only ask for Chocca at the local café. And they're used to it.
You trade your car in for a black horse.
Your diet consists of bread, cheese and cloudberry cordial.
You try to work out what cloudberries actually are.
You get a tattoo, despite the fact that you hate needles - guess what of?
Your trip to Europe becomes the 'Let's Find The Locations Of The Land' tour.
You ask random people in the shopping centre if they bear the Moonwatcher.
Your wardrobe has lots of trews, boots, tunics and capes in it - plus some hippy clothing you convince yourself is gypsy garb - just in case Rushton calls on you to go incognito.
You dream you're Elspeth.
You dream you're Elspeth's best friend.
You think that Isobelle Carmody may be a Futureteller.
You change your surname by deed poll to Seraphim.
Despite the hatred and persecution of people found to be Misfits, you'd love to take your chances and live in the Land.
You theorise about who's better for Elspeth - Dameon or Rushton - whenever you can!
You fantasise about meeting Isobelle Carmody.
You own all of the books in the Obernewtyn Chronicles and you read them over and over again.
You keep a list of quotes from the books.
You say 'truespoken' a lot.
The day The Sending comes out will be one of the happiest days in your life.
You wish you had a big black horse.
You describe a good hug as a 'Bydda hug'.
You describe your friends as: 'the one who reminds me of Dameon', 'the one who reminds me of Brydda', 'the one who reminds me of Elf', etc.
You say 'dinna' and 'canna' instead of 'did not' and 'cannot'.
You actually substitute the word Lud for God.
If you go to church, you've started referring to the priest as 'the herder'.
You internally dismiss guys you meet as 'Not as cute as Rushton/Dameon/Gilbert'.
You base the plots of your own stories on the Obernewtyn timeline ("I'd better put in a revelation at the 25,000 word mark, because it's about there that Elspeth found out Selmar was a Talent...").
When you hear the word "dragon" or "salamander" you have to remind yourself that they're creatures, not characters.
You excuse the fact that you don't like housework much by rationalising that you're obviously more of a farseeker than a futureteller.
You actually chortled for glee when you first found out there was an online Obernewtyn community.
You start talking to your friends in beastspeak.
You've tried to travel the dreamtrails.
You've tried to reach the mindstream.
You start refering to yourself as a member of a certain guild.
You consider a gathering of friends a 'guildmerge'.
You passionately hate the cute blonde guy... simply because he looks like Ariel.
You want to travel to some remote desert place to try and find the land of the red queen.
You've begun to make plans for the city under Tor because you are convinced you're the original architect.
You're looking forward to the flying cars, as seen in The Keeping Place.
You start getting concerned about being burnt for sedition whenever you rant about the 'govamen'.
You watch the news looking for signs of the five powers forming.
You convince people to call you names like 'Gahltha' and 'Mornir'.
You try to beastspeak a horse when you ride it.
You try to get every guy (or girl) you date to read Obernewtyn, so they can understand half of what you're talking about.
You see a girl wearing a peasant-style shirt and think she's a gypsy.
You consider being called a 'misfit' a compliment.
You convince yourself that you are a distant relation to Elspeth.
You can't decide whether you want book five to come out or if you would rather keep theorizing...
You convince your boyfriend to change his name to Dameon.
You convince your boyfirend to change his name to Rushton.
You convince your brother to change his name to Jes.
You've forced your entire family to read the Obernewtyn chronicles.
You spend the early hours of the morning working out the psyche behind the Misfit powers so you can make a quiz.
At least one person on your LJ friends list has "Innle" in their username.
You wear gypsy clothing when you're down in the hopes that it will increase your confidence the way it did for Elspeth.
You try to convince your friends to play Battlegames.
You call your local hospital the 'Healer Hall'.
You think 'addicted' isn't a powerful enough word to describe your obsession.
You cover your school books with pictures of cats and tell people it's Maruman.
You live vicariously through the Elspeth/Rushon/Dameon triangle, rather than starting your own relationship.
You consider reading the first edition of Obernewtyn in your school library, just to see if it's different from the edition you have.
Your mum actually knows who Dameon is.
Your mum actually knows who Rushton is, but prefers Gilbert.

The last one comes from Isobelle herself:
You're know you're addicted to Obernewtyn when you should have finished the last book a year ago and find it almost impossible to bear closing the door for the last time.
    9 years ago

    "You ask random people in the shopping center if they bear the Moonwatcher."

    hahaha I am so going to do that! :rolling:

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    53 years ago

    loza 537
    12 years ago

    and :
    your BFF starts to go crazy because go go on and on and on about when the characters will die and who will get married ect.

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    12 years ago

    When you rant about the chronicles day and night so when you say the word Obernewtyn everyone around you covers their ears.

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    13 years ago

    what about when you talk you actually quote Obernewtyn nearly every word you say

    and when your friends (who havent read the books) accidently say a line from Obernewtyn (because they just happen to) you start laughin or starin at them weirdly

    haha just realised another one..... when is your second most visited page... topped only by facebook... but thats only coz ur brother and father use it as well
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