Just How Obsessed With Obernewtyn Are You? by Clare

Click on the box next to any question which you would answer yes too :) Have fun!!

1.?Have you read Obernewtyn
2.?Have you read The Farseekers
3.?Have you read Ashling
4.?Have you read The Keeping Place
5.?Have you read all the books more than once?
6.?Have you read all the books more than 5 times?
7.?Do you own a copy of one or more of these books
8.?Do you have different editions of the same book (eg.. UK and Australian version, different covers)
9.?Even though you don't understand the other language?
10.?Have you translated them into another language?
11.?Have you read Obernewtyn fanfic?
12.?Have you written Obernewtyn fanfic?
13.?Have you drawn any fan art?
14.?Do you visit Obernewtyn websites?
15.?Do you run an Obernewtyn-related website?
16.?Do you live in a castle, in a turret room?
17.?Have you ever visited the Obernewtyn Fan Club (well der!)
18.?Do you wish you could go to a REAL Guildmerge?
19.?Are you on any Obernewtyn mailing lists (includes your guild lists I suppose :) )?
20.?Are you on three or more Obernewtyn mailing lists
21.?Does the majority of your e-mail consists of mail from those mailing lists
22.?Have you started an Obernewtyn mailing list?
23.?Have you started more than one?
24.?Do you participate in Obernewtyn chats/guildmerges and other assorted chatty things?
25.?Have you started an Obernewtyn chat room?
26.?Have you ever tried to make a Moonfair on your street curb?
27.?Have you ever concentrated really hard to try and hear the mindthoughts of your pets?
28.?Do you believe in real empaths, coercers and farseekers?
29.?Do you use examples of Obernewtyn in any piece of school work you do?
30.?Are you consistently trying to make your illiterate friends read the Obernewtyn Chronicles?
31.?Do you wish you had a horse called Galtha?
32.?Have you ever had Obernewtyn related Dreams?
33.?Do you have them regularly?
34.?Do you own an Obernewtyn.net T-SHIRT (if not then SHAME on you!)?
35.?Have you ever tried to look for "Powers of the Mind" in the library?
36.?Or any sign of a place called Obernewtyn in our world?
37.?Do you believe the world of Obernewtyn is the real world?
38.?Do you start digging in the middle of mazes looking for Hannah Seraphim's grave?
39.?Have you noticed all the mistakes I've made writing this?
40.?Are you upset at people you know saying the Obernewtyn chronicles are "Alright but not that good"?
41.?Have you argued with them about it?
42.?Have you written to Isobelle Carmody?
43.?Were you at a bookstore the moment The Keeping Place came out?
44.?Did you stay up all night reading it?
45.?Even though you had to go to work/school the next day?
46.?Do you find one of the characters oddly attractive?
47.?Do you constantly badger booksellers/publishers for when the next book will come out?
48.?Have you spent time doing a timeline to see if you would have been old enough to date a certain character when you were in school? (Rushton, Matthew, Dameon, Swallow :)
49.?Have you talked your friends into reading the books?
50.?Did they become as obsessed as you are?
51.?Have any of your friends and/or family suggested therapy to help you overcome you Obernewtyn addiction? (jokes count)
52.?Have you found a mistake in the Obernewtyn Chronicles?
53.?Did you come up with elaborate theories to explain it?
54.?Do you consider the correction in later editions to be pathetic?
55.?Using clues in the book, have you attempted to find the exact geographical location of Obernewtyn, Gadfia or other locations mentioned in the books?
56.?Have you found more than 10 mistakes in the Chronicles?
57.?Have you written lengthy explanations about why you think Ariel is not the Destroyer?
58.?Have you constructed a timeline of events in the Chronicles (Hey.. that's a really good idea)?
59.?Have you attempted to figure out the exact ages of all the Misfits (the main ones anyway)?
60.?Have you spent time contemplating which main characters will die by the time the series is over?
61.?Have you written lengthy explanations about why you think that character will die?
62.?Are you depressed by the possibility that more than just Straaka will die?
63.?Have you named a child and/or pet after an Obernewtyn character?
64.?Would you if you had one to name?
65.?Do you know the names of all the Guildmistresses/masters, Guildens and Wards throughout the Chronicles?
66.?Can you remember the name of the beast in the Red Lands?
67.?Do you know the names of all names and councilmen, as well as where they live?
68.?Do you call your favorite misfit skill farseeking?
69.?Do you believe Ariel is the epitimy of all evil?
70.?Are you planning the downfall of the Slavers?
71.?Even though, technically, they're the only ones who have explored the world?
72.?Have you ever had a fantasy where you met Isobelle Carmody?
73.?Do you go searching pet stores and animal shelters for a cat just like Maruman?
74.?Do you spend hours making quizzes, dreamtails, and writing messages on the boards even though you should be doing all your assignments **tsk tsk**?
75.?Have you ever tried talking in beast-talk?
76.?to animals?
77.?Or tried make a Beast-speaking Dictionary :)?
78.?Did you try to recreate the BattleGames?
79.?Does the thought of a movie terrify you because you're certain they're going to mutilate the book?
80.?Have you given up a normal existance to become a Gypsy or Misfit?
81.?Do you make stragecial resuce plans for Matthew, whilst trying to run the rebellion?
82.?Are you desperately searching for other reading material while waiting for the next book to come out?
83.?Have you started a Dreambook in the hope that you might find the Dreamtails?
84.?Do you often try and make people look in the other direction with your coercive skills?
85.?If so, do you believe your efforts work?
86.?Do you wish a nuclear holocaust on the world just so you can have misfit powers?
87.?Even though you're an adult, mature and environmentally concious (I hate the word)?
88.?Did you learn to juggle so you could join Gevan's Magi?
89.?Did you learn to scuba dive in case you ever got to find ruins like those at Tor?
90.?Have you ever met Isobelle Carmody in person?
91.?Have you ever tried to burn your feet so the Agyllians could give you special healing powers?
92.?Have you ever made a lengthy trip in order to be at a location where Isobelle Carmody is supposed to be?
93.?Have you ever stalked Isobelle Carmody? (if yes, please e-mail me so I can notify the proper authorities..hehehe..poor I.C!)
94.?Do you have an autograph from Ms Carmody?
95.?Are all your Carmody books signed by Ms Carmody?
96.?Did you discuss the archetypal aspects of Elspeth's journey with your therapist in order to understand how you can further develop spiritually and emotionally?
97.?Do you find yourself relating the Obernewyn Chronicles to other books and/or television series?
98.?Do you find yourself relating Elspeth's adventures to real life?
99.?Do you write lengthy commentaries about various aspects of the Chronicles, such as the inconsistencies, mysteries, characterizations, historical significance etc.?
100.?You took this quiz?

Bonus Questions
Are you Shannon?
Are you on medication?
Do you have more than 6 works of fiction on this site?
Did you write this quiz.

0% -10%? I just wandered into this site one day
11-30%? Part time Obernewtyn fan. You probably have a real life?
31-60%? You live at this site don't you, you wee Obernewtynite!?
61-89%? Very obsessed. You may be suffering from withdrawl symptoms while waiting for the next book?
90%-99%? You know, that's quite scary.... do you believe you are a misfit?
100% plus? You either have nothing else to do with your life, should be in a straight jacket or have a problem with telling the truth :) Did you burn your toes??
    10 years ago

    69% Haha Some of those were funny though :)

    1 0
    11 years ago

    I really need to get an Obernewtyn T-Shirt and go dig in the middle of a maze. :P I increased by 1% again. So my highest score is now 59%.

    1 0
    12 years ago

    Re-took test!
    89% O.O

    *limps away to set up moonfair on street curb*

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    12 years ago

    WoopWoop! 56% to 57% to 58%!
    At least its up right?
    [ edited 19 Jan 2011 : 11:26 ]

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    12 years ago

    i got 65%i thought i was more obsessed than that but ill try harder next time (L) :roll:

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