Isobelle Carmody Reviews: Little Fur, Book One in The Legend of Little Fur

Review by Kaede. Back to all Isobelle Carmody Book Reviews [hr][/hr] Little FurLittle Fur: The Legend of Little Fur by Isobelle Carmody is the first in a series of four books aimed at younger readers. First published in 2005, The Legend of Little Fur follows the struggles of a small elf troll (Little Fur) as she endeavours to save her beloved wilderness home from the destructive actions of humans. Forced to travel through the city that surrounds her home to seek wisdom from an oracle-like owl, Little Fur and her friends are confronted with the strange behaviour of humans and the despair that is felt by many of the plants growing throughout the city. Always present is the magic of the earth spirit which flows through all natural things, something which Little Fur must be in contact with at all times, and something from which humans have become devastatingly disconnected. The themes woven into the telling of The Legend of Little Fur are the embodiment of an important environmental message all children in the world today, and indeed adults, need to take time to accept. Taking readers into a magical world and viewing human society and civilisation from a different and enlightening perspective, The Legend of Little Fur shows through the eyes of a child-like protagonist the impact that humanity’s detachment from nature, and our resulting actions, have on the natural world. Little FurIsobelle Carmody’s mystical writing style quickly fills out the world of Little Fur, introducing interesting characters that have depth and spirit. The situation of Little Fur’s home, secretly nestled in the centre of a city, is so expertly done that any child could believe it to be true and may indeed spend their next city trip peeking at things from the corner of their eyes, trying to find a concealed wilderness. Despite being eighteen years old when I first read The Legend of Little Fur, I became instantly enchanted by the caring little elf troll and the world in which she lives. The Legend of Little Fur is one of those brilliantly sneaky fantasy reads, set in a world where all things magical are deliberately hidden from humans eyes - something which the little girl inside me who bitterly wishes that fairies were real delighted in. The tale of Little Fur: The Legend of Little Fur and the remaining titles in the series - A Fox called Sorrow, A Mystery of Wolves and A Riddle of Green, are accompanied by intricate illustrations drawn by Isobelle Carmody herself. Inspired by the art of Jirí Tibor Novák, these illustrations help draw the reader into Little Fur’s world and enhance the magic of the journey. [hr][/hr] Back to all Isobelle Carmody Book Reviews