Isobelle Carmody Reviews: The Cat Dreamer (Quentaris Chronicles)

Review by Deb. Back to all Isobelle Carmody Book Reviews [hr][/hr] The Cat DreamerIsobelle Carmody returns to the land of Quentaris in The Cat Dreamer, where a strange fog has descended on the city, making people forgetful and indecisive. Katya, in the guise of a cat, comes though a rift cave on a mission to find and apprehend the notorious ‘Scourge’, a man responsible for the destruction of another rift world. Katya’s employers want the Scourge found and returned to Astaria and all contact between worlds halted. Igorik is ‘adopted’ by a little grey cat that slips in and out of his dreams. He and his partner, working in the drains, find a number of bodies. The dead, suicides, all have similar markings on their faces. Igorik hopes to discover the reason for the high death rate and calls on his twin, Red, for help. Red is strangely distracted when he goes to the Lower City, but more clearheaded after time spent there. Igorik, whose life is in the Lower City, can’t understand the change in his twin but suspects that the strange fog covering the upper City might be involved. Red’s lady love Iakas, high in her roost above the fog, is also distressed by the change. Can the brothers discover the source of the deaths before Quentaris is lost in a fog of misery and the rift caves are destroyed? The Quentaris books, as a series, share many aspects like characters and locations, from many different writers. Isobelle’s many different stories share themes and ideas. I love that cats are a common subject, as well the ability to communicate without words. The Cat Dreamer is a delightful tale of mystery and romance. Suitable for readers of any age, the characters are engaging and world of Quentaris is always fun to visit. As a comfort read, this book always makes me smile. I look forward to (someday) being drawn back into the land of Quentaris by Isobelle. [hr][/hr] Back to all Isobelle Carmody Book Reviews