The guilds of exist to recreate the community aspect featured in The Obernewtyn Chronicles. Joining a guild is a great way of getting to know a few people if you are new, or are intimidated by the number of people on the site as a whole.

The Guilds of Obernet are:

Why aren't your guilds named after The Obernewtyn Chronicles guilds?

This was decided waaaay back in 1999, for a few reasons:
1) We didn't have enough members back then to fill more than 4 guilds.
2) If you were put in the Teknoguild, for example, but your favourite Talent was farseeking, you might get peeved that you weren't in the Farseeker's guild instead.
So, we split into four guilds and asked them to come up with their own names. The result was the Wanderers, Dreamweavers, Ashlings and Mystics guilds.

How do I join a guild?

If you don't choose your guild when you signed up, check this thread for information.

What will my guild do for me?

Guilds provide a support network for their members and occasionally organise events or new features for the site, which can be a lot of fun both to organise and take part in.
If you have any questions about the site but don't want to approach a mod or MoO directly, you can ask your Guildmistress/Guildmaster and they can pass the message on, on your behalf.
And of course, your guild will provide you with a close-knit community within the wider community.

What is expected of me as a guild member?

This can vary slightly from guild to guild, but mostly all that is asked is a general and maintained interest in the site and in getting to know your fellow guild members. You don't have to post constantly or submit ideas all the time, but your guild members will appreciate seeing you around, even if it's just to say 'hi' occasionally.

How do I become a guild leader?

All guilds hold elections to fill the positions of Guildmistress/Guildmaster, Guilden and Ward. Multiple people can hold the Guilden and Ward positions. When guild elections are held nominations will be asked for, so you can put yourself forward for any of these places and you and the rest of the active guild members will vote in the candidate they want most for that position.
The Guild election process is independent of the main site so any queries about when the next election for your guild is being held should be directed to your Guildmistress/Guildmaster - or just ask on your guild message board.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact your guildleaders. Their details can be found on each of the guild information pages: