Dani's Isobelle Interview

On Monday the 7th of March 2005 I was privledged to go and meet Isobelle Carmody! It was a function held for International Woman's Day and Isobelle was a guest speaker. It was held at All Hallows School in Brisbane City. My friend and I talked to IC during the morning tea break and asked her some questions! I also shook her hand and got three books signed! -- Dani Back to all Interviews & Media [hr][/hr]

Dani's Isobelle Carmody Interview

1. What did Gilbert yell out to Elspeth, when she was on the raft about to go under Tor? What do you think it means? (me: I don't know...) Obviously Gilbert is in love with Elspeth. 2. What is Swallow's real name? Wait until The Sending! 3. Is Lidgebaby Gavyn? No, he isn't. 4. When is The Sending coming out? Next October. 5. Did Brydda's family know Elspeth's parents? No. 6. Does Dameon have feelings for Elspeth? Yes! Dameon also loves Elspeth. 7. Do you ever go on to Obernewtyn.net? Yes! I think its fantastic, however I don't get to go on it much as I don't have the internet. 8. I showed IC the back of my Farseekers copy (where it had the blurb of TKP with everything wrong): I didn't write it, and the people who do don't read the whole book! 9. Are Elspeth and Rushton getting bonded in The Sending? Yes they are. 10. Is Ariel Salamander? No he isn't. 11. Are the Herders planning something big for The Sending? Yes, the Herders play an important part in The Sending. 12. Do Domick and Kella get back together? I am not sure yet, but most probably. [hr][/hr] Thanks so much for documenting these Dani!! Back to all Interviews & Media