Kit's Isobelle Interview

This was an interview recorded by Kit when Isobelle went to her school. It was posted on the Theories board on the 19th February 2003, and she consented to us putting it up on the site for everyone to read!! Thanks for the great interview Kit!! Note from Kit: She said while she was talking to all of us that another book is coming out 'later this year', then she will start to work on the Sending. i didn't ask later when exactly it would be out though. Back to all Interviews & Media [hr][/hr]

Kit's Isobelle Carmody Interview

Kit: Ok. I know you probably wont want to say anything but can you give us any hints about the Destroyer? IC: I can't. I said its not who you might think it is. So who you think it is in the final book may not be who you think it is now. I can't say more than that because it gives too much away, it's very important. Kit: What will happen to Elf at the end? IC: Well, she has two quests. One is the lead the animals to freedom and the second is the weaponmachines. I'd say she fulfils both quests- Kit: -phew! IC: -That doesn't say that happy ever after is happy, completly, because thats not life. Kit: How does Ariel stalk her dreams? Does he have Misfit Talents or is someone helping him? IC: I think its pretty obvious at least in the final book that he does. He certainly does have abilities. She (Elf) assumes all along that Misfits, people with - this is what I felt - the powers that they have, for me, allow them to be better than ordinary people. Which is what I wanted to find out. How can human beings be better? And it seemed to me that if they had abilities that allowed them to what is truth and to actually feel what one another felt, Empathy, -which you see is very important to me- they would become, they would evolve into more ethical human beings. Kit: So Ariel's the exception. IC: Yes, because there are always exceptions, because being unethical isn't always something that just happens. The perfect child could come from the perfect background, but that doesn't mean to say that they're going to be a good human being. So he's the warning. Kit: What is the point of Lidgebaby? He/she has huge Misfit powers and was introduced early in the series, in The Farseekers, but he hasn't been mentioned since. IC: I won't say anything else but good question. Kit: I think you said in Brisbane (edit: it was the Darksong launch in Melbourne) that Dameon loves Elf. Is that true? IC: Yes. I think it's obvious, well, it is obvious to me. Someone once said that books don't say everything, so I try not to say some things. Thats one of the things I've tried not to say as in "I love you" or "he loves her". Rushton knows. You can read between the lines and see Rushton knows. Kit: So that's why at the end of Ashling he (Rushton) lets him stay in Sador. Kit: Will Dragon go back to the land of the Red Queen? IC: Well, I think she is pretty much destined to. Whether she does or not is a different thing. Kit: And you probably won't want to answer this one either, but is the Entina the Sentinal? IC: Well, its pretty obvious - [act]I accidently pressed the dictate button when I was writing this out so I taped over a bit, but she said something like she was glad someone had made the connection, then realised what I'd done and stopped the Dictate button, so it starts again with me[/act] Kit: -we had a pretty big discussion about it on the theories page. IC: I look in from time to time, I don't log in under my own name, but you read the message board discussions and I love reading those. [hr][/hr] Note from Kit: Then i said thank you very very very much and skipped down the stairs out of the room, about 15 minutes late for class coz i stayed behind to talk to her but guess what? I DIDN'T CARE!! Back to all Interviews & Media