Legendsong Cover Redesign Competition

This competition was inspired by the release of Evolution of the Obernewtyn Chronicles Covers from Penguin not long ago.

The challenge is this: you've been commissioned to re-design the Legendsong covers; the publisher would like 3 new matching covers, for the launch of Darkbane.
Use any stock-image photographs and other artwork you wish to come up with a set of covers. Seeing as this is a purely speculative scenario and we're not using these images for anything besides the competition we should be okay to use stock images. Consult the licensing requirements of each individual stock-image website if you are unsure about whether to use a pic or not.

The competition is open from now, until the [strike]30th June[/strike] extended to 14th July 2009. We're giving lots of time to come up with the best cover designs possible, so get to it and have fun!

Judge: Isobelle Carmody herself has kindly agreed to judge this one!

I've gotten some feedback from Isobelle on some of the designs so thought I'd best add it to here:

I have just been looking at the covers in the gallery and I am amazed at the breath of approaches! I can't choose a winner but I can comment on some I really like. See below:

The ones Pinky Person did, with the yellow eye and the swatch of red hair are great and striking because they only show a vivid lively snatch of something that makes you want to know more.

I like Sian Darkbane's, especially the one with the Prague roofs! but I think I'd need something else in them that pertains to people

I like Ziera's masked ember idea

I like your last one because the unikorn looks strong and not ethereal and the Glynn looks right but betest of all is the one with Glynna on the cover and the little Fienna on her shoulder, with Ember and a lute in the background. I love that one

I really like Arwen's design with Ember inset before the trees, and moving between the two frames because it symbolises what the book is about

Kangaruth's with Ember turning away is a good one, and the one with the fire is visually very exciting. I like the fire idea immensely. It looks great

I also like Hot D's ideas. The one with Ember's back to us looks great, but it might need one more thing to offset he turned away face... Not sure what. I like the stylised drawing of Glynnna very much. her eyes are arresting


Min: I'd like to congratulate everyone for their beautiful designs (and - very fun competition) and many thanks to IC for taking the time to review them and give wonderful feedback on them! I think if a winner needs to be determined - we should run a poll and make it Member's Choice? What do you guys think?

Submission Guidelines:
  • Images must be submitted in .jpg, .png or .gif format. NO .BMPs!
  • Images need to contain the following text somewhere:
    - book title ("Darkfall", "Darksong", and "Darkbane")
    - "Book # in the Legendsong Trilogy"
    - "Isobelle Carmody"
  • Images must be 340 x 480 pixels

Submission Suggestions:

All entries will receive 10 guild points.
Winners pointage:
1st: 50
2nd: 40
3rd: 30
You'll receive the total 30 entry points if you submit 3 matching covers. You can only enter three times so make sure you're happy with your entries before submitting them!

Once you're ready to submit your covers,

If you have any questions about the competition, don't hesitate to ask in this thread.
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    Due date extended to 14th July :D

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