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Moonfair 2012


Astronomy 101


Astronomy 101: Part one- Crossword


Space coold very well be the final frontier, but before you dive in and begin trying to explain Astronomy to the Tecknoguild, you may want to brush up on some of the terminology first. Once that is done, we might let you attempt to use the Telescope. Using the clues provided, complete the crossword below.


Astronomy 101 Crossword

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And as you gaze, you start to ask questions,


3. A grouping of stars which have been given names by ancient astronomers because of the way they look

6. Level of the Earth's atmosphere from about 11-64 kilometers (7-11 miles) above sea level

9. An extremely small object They are so small that when they hit the Earth's atmosphere they do not create a shooting star effect

12. An area in the Earth's upper atmosphere which absorbs many of the lethal radiations coming from space

14. A group or stars or galaxies which are held together by their common gravity

16. 3.26 light years

20. The disturbances in the orbit of a celestial object caused by the gravitational poll of another object

21. A super bright explosion of a star. A ________ can produce the same amount of energy in one second as an entire galaxy

22. The gaseous area surrounding a planet or other body

23. A star which suddenly flares up to many times its original brightness before fading again

24. A group of stars, gas and dust held together by gravity

25. When two stars that orbit each other are at their closest point

26. Part of the Sun's atmosphere, it is visible during a total solar eclipse

27. A belief that links the positions of the stars and planets to human destinies. It has no scientific background



1. Region around an object where the influence of the object's magnetic field can be felt

2. The bright surface of the Sun

4. A small, frozen mass of dust and gas revolving around the sun

5. Twinkling of stars. Due to the Earth's atmosphere

7. A rock or Minor Planet orbiting the Sun

8. The lowest part of the Earth's atmosphere

10. A shooting star, observed when a particle of dust enters into the Earth's atmosphere

11. When our view of one object in the sky is blocked by either another object or the Earth's shadow

13. A cloud of gas and dust

15. Point directly above your head in the night sky

17. A self-luminous object that shines through the release of energy produced by nuclear reactions at its core

18. The study of the Moon's surface

19. The study of the universe



Part two- Focusing the Telescopic Lens: Word Search


Focus your keen star gazing eye on the word search below. You may notice that all the words you entered into the crossword above can be found in this letter jumble. Can't see them yet? Best focus that telescope a little more before you begin then. Once you have found all the hidden words, there will be letters left over. These letters will reveal a hidden question, but don't be fooled. Not all the remaining letters will be needed. Sometimes it's easy to lose focus on the stars when a satellite glides by.


Astronomy 101 Crossword

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Part three: Secrets of the Universe


Hidden Question


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?


~ To enter this competition ~

To enter, please include a copy of your crossword and find-a-word (either scan them, or use a painting program to circle/enter the words) and upload them to an image host such as photobucket

Please include all sections you attempt in the one entry.

Remember to type 'Astronomy 101' in the subject box so that your entry is sorted correctly.

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