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Moonfair 2012


Design a T-shirt

Have you thought of some great T-shirt ideas for IC characters?


Well, now is your chance to come up with and share comical T-shirt designs relating to the OberChron or Legendsong!

It can be a quote, random remark, image (or any combination of the three) relating to a character/group from either series, turned into a T-shirt design they can wear proudly...or not so proudly.

Here is a shirt we prepared earlier-



Can you guess who this one belongs to?


You can use the templates provided to begin the design of your T-shirt, but you can also find your own shirt image should you wish to do so, bearing in mind your image can be no bigger than 480 by 480 pixels.


Max 3 entries per person.


Template 1

Template 2

~ To enter this competition ~

We are looking for designs that leave little doubt about which characters the shirts were designed for. Following that we would also like to see witty and unique designs that make us laugh.

Please submit your finished design/s as images - either .jpg or .png - you will need to upload them to photobucket or a similar image hosting service first.

Remember to type 'Design a t-shirt' in the subject box so that your entry is sorted correctly.

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