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Moonfair 2012


Puzzling Dilemma


Your task is to choose ONE of the options listed below and write the lyrics for a song. The song can be pre-existing and you change the lyrics to give a backing or you can just write the lyrics from scratch. If you choose to change the lyrics for a pre-existing song, please remember to let us know the title and artist so we can have a listen to it!


All entries must be related in some way to both the Obernewtyn Chronicles and astronomy.


  • Option One: The theme for this option is 'Beforetime'. You must write a song from the point of view of a Beforetimer (or two or three), or from the perspective of a Futureteller delving into the past. (Beforetimer includes beasts).
  • Option Two: This is the present option, and can be anyone from the Obernewtyn Chronicles' present day, singing about something of the present. This could be quite simply what they think of a starry night or it could be the Sadorians singing about their thoughts on the full moon.
  • Option Three: This is the category for dreams, and as such comes from Futuretellers, Teknoguilders beasts and true dreamers. What future do they see when they gaze at the night sky? What inventions do the stars inspire in them?


~ To enter this competition ~

To enter, please include your option of choice and your entry.
Entries will be judged on originality and quality, and must be within the 1000 word limit.
Remember to type 'Ober Idol' in the subject box so that your entry is sorted correctly.

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