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Moonfair 2012


Puzzling Dilemma

As you walk through the Tailard Observatory looking at all of the decorations for Moonfair combined artfully with the Teknoguilder's latest projects you notice Zarak trying to pin up one last row of lights in a side corridor. He notices you and waves you over calling for help. But as he waves he loses his balances and falls off of his stepladder. As he trips, he accidently yanks the row of lights pulling them off of the wall with some force.
You rush over to help him, and as usual he is already complaining, "Why does it always have to be me? My poor head."
You help him up and doing so you notice that the row of lights pulled out a brick partially as they were yanked. You push the brick back in for safety reasons. You hear a click, and suddenly a section of the wall descends into the ground revealing a secondary wall behind it with strange words written on it.

Here are the words that Zarak uncovered, help the misfits decipher the code.


As ew pekinetrated kieht strange nwot kimore ylpeed, I kidesilaer thakit sti streekits nar in egral ckiircles, enoki winding otni ankiother. ehkiT mist did nkiot etaba, but ti grekiw kiylidaets lightekir. tAki lastki, ew came ot a dekilbboc road tahtki ran gnola a dkier stone llaw. I dlkiuoc see eert topski dnoyeb kiit dna hear hguone bikirdsong dna beast kisllac to sseug it saw someki tros of kkirap. We dewkiollof the llaw until ekiw reached na orkinate kiyawetag with lkiufituaeb wroughkit latem gkiates kidehcuot here dnkia there kihtiw golkid.

There are three clues to help you with the passage. The first clue is below, and will lead you to clues 2 and 3, which are hidden around the forums on


Clue One


~ To enter this competition ~

To enter, decipher the passage and include it in your entry. Bonus points will be awarded if you can correctly guess which Obernewtyn Chronicles book the passage is from, and which page.
Remember to type 'The Puzzling Dilemma' in the subject box so that your entry is sorted correctly.

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