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Moonfair 2012


Star Struck


It's that time of year again, and eager Obernetters are racing about, preparing for Moonfair. On their way to the Moonfair site they knocked some stars out of the sky! Astronomers at the Taillard Observatory have reported 9 missing stars. As they fell they were spirited away by some fairies to places around, where they would be safe until the end of the festival. Your job is to find them before the end of Moonfair so they can be returned to the night sky.


To make it worth your while, the responsible Obernetters have offered a reward of shiny Moonfair points. However, they've added an extra challenge - the stars and the letters engraved in them spell out a secret word that you must use as an inspiration for an artwork.


Your task is to find all nine stars around the forums. They can be in any forum, and any thread, on the first page, in the first post. Once you have collected them all, arrange them into a word and use that word as inspiration for an artwork. Don't forget to send the word in with the artwork!


Entries will be judged on the word you've assembled and the way it has inspired your artwork, as well as how well your artwork relates to Moonfair's theme and the Obernewtyn Chronicles.

~ To enter this competition ~

Please submit your finished images (along with the word you've assembled) in .jpg or .png format (you will need to upload it to photobucket or similar image sharing website first).

For the 5 bonus points, submit what the 9 letters were and where you found them (post & thread).

Remember to type 'Star Struck' in the subject box so that your entry is sorted correctly.

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