Moonfair 2012


Moonfair 2011

Moonfair 2011's theme was silk, linen and coloured gemstones, and it was held in Sador.


Moonfair 2011 was won by the Mystics Guild.


Moonfairy Sudoku

The battlegames rely heavily on which number the die lands on. The Sadorians were fascinated by a puzzle made entirely of numbers that the Teknoguilders had found in a Beforetimer book. They've asked you to show them how to solve the puzzle.


Moonfairy Sudoku

~ To enter this competition ~

Once you've solved the Sudoku above, take note of the numbers in the four coloured squares. Find out which letter of the alphabet the number corresponds to (e.g. 1 = a) and once you have your four letters, rearrange them to form a word that relates to the 2011 Moonfair. Submit this word.

Remember to type 'Moonfairy Sudoku - 2011' in the subject box so that your entry is sorted correctly.

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