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Since 1999, Obernewtyn.net - affectionately known as Obernet to the international community of misfits - was home to all the latest news, discussion, and information about the Australian author, illustrator and all-around lovely person, Isobelle Carmody.
Taking its name from Isobelle Carmody's most popular series, The Obernewtyn Chronicles, Obernewtyn.net thrived as a fun community to discuss Isobelle Carmody's books, and anything really.
As the web evolved and the teams managing the website got busier, the community was shifted to a Facebook group to better facilitate the wants and needs of members, and to more easily keep in contact. Newcomers to Isobelle Carmody's worlds are encouraged to head over and join our Obernewtyn Chronicles community on Facebook, where the majority of misfit, bookish and writing discussion, meet planning, and the Obernet Book Club take place!

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