Mystics' Cavern

The Mystics are the chocca-holics of Obernet. We have a handy collection of glow worms, crystals, purple bean bags, and mugs of steaming chocca ready to share, along with the all-mighty frying-pan, when the occasion calls for it. Join the Mystics and you'll see just how much fun you can have with a group of glowing chocca-holics! Guildmistress: Elspethinnle Guilden: Ariadne Ward: Deb and HeartoftheDarkness Guild members: Mystics Guild member list Connect: Mascot(s): The Glow Worm Worm Guild achievements: Crystals! Mincrystals Identified by: Chocca!! Chocca chocca chocca!!! And the Annual Mystics Ball!


Moonfair Awards Mf2012cup First place in the 2012 Moonfair! Mystics First place in the 2011 Moonfair! Mf2010 Cup First place in the 2010 Moonfair! 1stmystics First place in the 2009 Moonfair! 1st First place in the 2008 Moonfair! Firstplace First place in the 2007 Moonfair! Moonfaircup First place in the 2006 Moonfair! Mf05cup First place in the 2005 Moonfair! Moonfaircup First place in the 2004 Moonfair! 3rdribbon Third place in the 2003 Moonfair!
Ongoing Guild Competition Mystics 1112 Winners of the 2011-2012 Ongoing Guild competition! Mystics 1011 Winners of the 2010-2011 Ongoing Guild competition! Mystics 0708 Winners of the 2007-2008 Ongoing Guild competition! Mystics 06 Winners of the 2006 Ongoing Guild competition! Mystics 9901 Winners of the 1999-2001 Ongoing Guild competition!