Dreamweavers' Tower

The Dreamweaver Guild of Obernewtyn.net is a very special guild. We pride ourselves on being active, creative, and most of all, fun loving! We are one of the friendliest guilds around and are always more then willing to meet and greet new members! Our brilliant mascots are the energetic squirrel, entertaining TV and the ever enjoyable chocolate mousse.
If you want to join a friendly and fun-loving guild, weave your destiny in the stars, and become a Dreamweaver today!

Guildmistress: Arwen
Guilden: Bambi
Ward: Zieria
Guild members: Dreamweaver Guild member list


Mascot(s): The mighty Squirrel! Squirrel

Guild achievements: If you do something spiffy for the Dreamweavers you are rewarded with an Acorn. On top of that we award Golden Eggs for special occasions or a Dreamweaver whose efforts have stood out in a Month. But it's what's inside the Egg that is most fun! For more info, check out the Dream Acorn Criteria link in The Dreamweavers Tower. Arwen

Identified by: Squirrels, TV's and Chocolate Mousse.


Dreamies 1213
The Dreamies took out the Ongoing Guild Comp for 12/13!

Second place in the 2012 Moonfair!

Second place in the 2011 Moonfair!

Mf2010 Medal
Second place in the 2010 Moonfair!

Second place in the 2009 Moonfair!

Dreamies 0809
The Dreamies took out the Ongoing Guild Comp for 08/09!

Second place in the 2008 Moonfair!

Second place in the 2007 Moonfair!

Second place in the 2006 Moonfair!

Third place in the 2005 Moonfair!

Second place in the 2004 Moonfair!

4th place in the 2003 Moonfair!