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Isobelle CarmodyHere we'll list all the most commonly asked questions regarding Isobelle Carmody and her books. If you still have a question that isn't answered here, check on the Message Boards - and you can ask your question there as well. Alternatively, feel free to comment below with your question.

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Q: Who is Isobelle Carmody? A: See Who is IC? Q: Where's a list of all of Isobelle's books? A: Check out our Isobelle Carmody's Books - the Bibliography for a full details of Isobelle's works, reviews, covers, publication info, and information on how to obtain copies. If you are after any specific information about characters, locations, talents, terminology, or even chapter summaries, check out our Encyclopedia. Q: How can I contact Isobelle Carmody? A: You can send letters to Isobelle's PO Box in Australia, and her PA will forward them on to her (or keep them aside if she's visiting Australia soon): Address letters to: Isobelle Carmody PO box 288, Apollo Bay, Vic Australia 3233 Isobelle loves receiving hand-written letters so this is definitely the recommended and appreciated way of getting in contact with her. Isobelle also takes questions at her blog, The Slipstream, though as stated on the questions page, "Questions might be drawn into the slipstream, but it will be as if all words are heard half asleep." Q: Can you send me Isobelle Carmody's email address? A: No, that's for her to give out, not us. Q: Is it true Isobelle posts on this site? A: Yes, occasionally - sometimes as the member firecatz - though she has stated in previous interviews that she likes to visit anonymously. Q: Is it true Isobelle gives this site sneak peaks of her writing? A: Yes, occasionally - check our full archive of sneak peaks here: Sneak Peaks and Excerpts. Note - some of the pages are member-only content, at Isobelle's request. Q: When is The Sending coming out? A: It's out already! :P Go - buy - read! Check our The Sending information page for blurb, covers, publishing details, and reviews. If you're read The Sending and want to discuss it with others, head to the Theories Forum. If you are from the US, and still asking this question, please see this thread, The Sending in America. Q: When is The Red Queen, final book in The Obernewtyn Chronicles coming out? A: 12th November, 2015. Please see When is The Red Queen Coming Out? in Members main for any updates to this info. Q: When is Darkbane, final book in The Legendsong Trilogy coming out? A: After Isobelle's finished The Red Queen, she'll be writing the next Billy Thunder novel (The Firecat's Dream), and then she'll be finishing Darkbane/The Legendsong Trilogy. Q: I'm from the UK / NZ / USA / somewhere other than Australia - how can I order Isobelle's books? A: Please see the bibliography for publication information on each of Isobelle's books. If the information in the bibliography doesn't help, then you can post to ask for help in the thread Where Can I Get IC's Books? (A guide by country). Q: Is Isobelle making any appearances near me soon? A: Please see The Isobelle Carmody Announcements Thread for details. Q: What's the latest news from Isobelle? A: Please see The Isobelle Carmody Announcements Thread for details. You can also check the Interviews & Media page for updates. Q: What is the story with "Wavesong" and "The Waking Dragon"? A: In the US and Canada, the Australian edition of The Stone Key was split into two books, with the first book called Wavesong and the second The Stone Key. The Australian edition of The Sending is going to be split into two parts in the US as well, called The Sending, and The Waking Dragon. The Sending will now be split into two different books, regardless of where it is published. The Sending will now be the sixth book in the series, and the Red Queen will be the final book. According to a letter received from Isobelle Carmody, the Sending will be published in September 2011. This will be the final order of the books in the Obernewtyn Chronicles, depending on which Publisher you obtain them through:
Published by Penguin (Australia):
1. Obernewtyn 2. The Farseekers 3. Ashling 4. The Keeping Place 5. The Stone Key 6. The Sending 7. The Red Queen [not yet published]
Published by Random House (US/Canada):
Either: 1. Obernewtyn 2. The Farseekers Or: 1(&2). The Seeker (which is an Obernewtyn/Farseeker omnibus) Then, either: 3. Ashling 4. The Keeping Place Or: 3(&4). The Rebellion (which is an Ashling/The Keeping Place omnibus) Then, either: 5. Wavesong 6. The Stone Key Or: 5(&6). The Dreamtrails (which is an Wavesong/The Stone Key omnibus) Then: 7. The Sending [not yet published] [ebook only (see this thread)] 8. The Waking Dragon [not yet published] [ebook only (see this thread)] 9. The Red Queen [not yet published] [ebook only (see this thread)] If you obtain either all 7 Penguin editions, or all 9 Random House editions, you will have the complete Obernewtyn Chronicles! Q: When is The Red Queen Launch party? Where's my invite? A: The Red Queen guest list was sent to Isobelle, in July 2010, so we will probably have to get everyone to re-RSVP once the official date is set. As for a definite date? Nobody knows exactly, but we should probably wait until Isobelle's living in Australia again (confirmed to be 2014), so she can come! So, don't worry if you haven't received your invitation yet. None of us have! As soon as we know when it will be, we will let everyone know, via PM, the forums, the front page news area, our social media outlets - by every means possible. [hr][/hr]
    11 years ago

    fun i cannot wait for the Fire Cats door!!!!!!! i am in loooove with the gateway trilogy it is an awesome trilogy!!! well actually i am in love with all IC books. best author ever!!!

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    12 years ago

    That's right Dalphia - the third book in what's collectively The Gateway Trilogy will be called The Firecat's Dream, and current information suggests it will come out after Darkbane.

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    12 years ago

    this website is amazing. Im a fan of the obernewtyn series but recently i read the legend song series and it sounds amazizng! cant wait till the next books are out! Oh and is it true that theres a third book after the winter door? Thats a little disappointing, because i am reading the winter door...

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    13 years ago

    There isn't much info around on The Firecat's Dream yet - for a while there, it was going to be published before the Sending, because I think Random House (or whoever was publishing it in the US) wanted it to come out a year after The Winter Door...but since then, we've not heard anything regarding publication.
    Regarding content, though! Isobelle told us at the Sydney Writers' Festival coffee meetup that Billy & Rage will get together! [act]squee[/act]

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    Moonlight cat
    14 years ago

    Thanks for answering the Q's that are most popular. :roll:

    Just wondering wear can i get info on the third book of Billy-thunder and the night gate?

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