Obernet 10th Anniversary Guestbook Memories

In 2009, Obernet celebrated it's 10th anniversary of being online :) and for a time, we had a guestbook open for people to leave comments on. The guestbook has been switched off now (since it's now well after the 10th anniversary!) but here's the comments for history's sake. Comments are turned on this page, too, if you want to leave any additional ones.


Posted by: Min
On: Fri Sep 04 2009, 09:52:34
To start with, we have some very special messages from key people who have been integral in making the site what it is today! Plus! Isobelle and Penguin also put together an interview and video message for us, you can check it out here!

From the lady who needs no introduction, Isobelle Carmody:[/size]

It is hard for me to say how much this website has come to mean to me.
To begin with I was shy at the idea of having one. I had always refused when friends offered to build one. I felt it would mean I was somehow conceited, and then I would have to maintain it somehow- me with my total lack of cyber savvy.
Then the website was created and I was in awe of it. How beautifully it was designed, how lively the dialogues were, how terrifyingly knowledgeable all of you are about my books. I felt I had something to live up to. I also felt I could come on and ask you questions and even for help when I needed to find something out or ask someone to look over a story... I have also wickedly enjoyed sneaking on in disguise from time to time, and commenting occasionally.
And I can't tell you how touched I was when I read your birthday messages to me last year. If ever I wondered what I was doing, I would only have to log on to know that whatever it was, I had to be doing something right.
But mostly I feel the website had taken on a rich life of its own, and it gives me pleasure to think of all of you meeting in real space and cyber space, being friends and supporting one another creatively and in all other ways, because of my books. They were the tinder but the fire and life of this website is yours and I am as warmed by it as all of you are.
Long live Obernewtyn.net and Happy 10th anniversary
Isobelle Carmody

From Shannon Jones, our fantastic creator, who without Obernet would never have existed:

Wow! It is hard to believe that 10 years have gone by.
Firstly, when you're a pimply 15 year old impersonating a blowfish because you've just had your wisdom teeth out, you don't dare imagine that a little fan site you are creating while you hide away from the world will grow into a full and blossoming community of like-minded fellows strong enough to be so fervently thriving a whole decade later.
Just trying to imagine what life would be like at age 25 was hard enough, and though I had mighty aspirations for the Unofficial Fan Club of a story I loved so dearly, Obernewtyn.net as it is today makes me feel truly humbled. I feel like a proud parent watching their child blossom into adolescence. I am humbled and honoured, and so excited for us all!
Obernet is a community; we are all in this together and can equally pat ourselves on the back for our contributions to a decade of friendship and common passion.
Of course, Min has been around since almost the very beginning and has helped this site grow into the thriving being that it is today. I would like to publicly acknowledge all that she has done - Obernet is even more her baby that mine. I couldn't have left our bub in better hands, Min! You do a marvelous job and I could never say thank you enough times.
Of course, my message wouldn't be complete without also thanking the glorious Ms. Isobelle Carmody - who *really* started all this. I can't wait to see what is ahead in the years to come, and to join you all at the 20 year reunion!
Best wishes
Shannon Jones

From our marvelous, supportive Penguin contact, Sharlene:

Dear Obernewtyn.net
On behalf of Penguin Australia I'd like to wish you all the very best for your 10th anniversary. What an amazing milestone. Congratulations!
On the website you'll find Isobelle's special anniversary message along with the answers to some of your frequently asked Obernewtyn questions.
I've had the pleasure of meeting some of you at events and have been amazed and delighted hearing your Obernewtyn stories. I look forward to meeting many more of you at future events.
Best wishes,

From the original Guild D-who-became-Mystics Guildmistress (who held the title of Guildmistress for what...7 years was it?) and winner of the "I want an Award!" award 5 years running, our wonderful Elixa:

Happy 10th Birthday Obernet.
We've certainly had some great high overs the years. To the many members past present and future may we never forget the importance of this community which not only recognises but celebrates the misfit with us all! :)

And finally, a play, from once Master of Obernewtyn, supporter of all things Writersmergian, co-founder of Sustinare Ridiculum and all around Obernet Celebrity, Katie of Bunne:

*The scene opens on a pleasant woodland glade, with various loons assorted about the scene as though they had randomly been thrown there when they fell off an improbable and quite ridiculous flying blanket. Which they did. We pan by them all, then focus on one particular character...*

Narrator: (In an ominous, narrating tone, slightly flavoured by garlic and news-reader) Cast your minds back, back, back...

Sir Gallivant: *busies himself with string*

Aixe: *whips out a pair of knitting needles and begins casting on 178 stitches*

Prince Winblade: *heads for the riverbank and casts a line out in search of the elusive popple-headed jelly-fish, which he figures will go beautifully with his banana-peeling custard* This will go beautifully with my banana-peeling custard!

Aixe: (petulantly) We already heard your thoughts, foolish prince. Be quiet - I've forgotten how many stitches I've cast on...

Proclamator Zalia: (in a proclamating tone) I proclamate that you have cast on no fewer than seventy-cinbin stitches!

Sir Sam: Bah, cinbin isn't a number - it's a currency. Or a useless, note-taking left-hand man...

Sir Cinbin: *is too busy trying to throw boots onto Prince Winblade's line to be upset by this most accurate of assessments*

Narrator: What... what... By the disgruntled didgeridoo, what are you loons doing? Cast your minds back, I said. Foolish of me to assume you have minds, of course. And you, Gallivant... WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT STRING?

Sir Gallivant: Well, my good sir, if I'm going to be casting my mind that far back, I'm going to want to make sure it can find its way home again... so I'm tying some string to it.

Narrator: (muttering) I give up...

*But before anyone can celebrate the impending and incredibly welcome vanishment of the Narrotr... or Narrator, even...*

Narrotr: OUTRAGEOUS! You can't even mis-spell with class!

Buneater: Wait... weren't you narrating that? Or should I say, narrotring?

Narrator: NO YOU SHOULDN'T! And yes I was. But I... I was here, and the narrotri... I mean, NARRATING was taking place over there... And I was...

Sir Gally: (patting the Narrotr in a consoling way, whilst getting string caught up in his hair, ears, nose, fingers, etc.) There, there, my good fellow. We all suffer from a good burst of existential uncertainty from time to time. Why just yesterday, I thought I was a buffoonish knight who constantly became caught up in nonsensical adventures with fellow loons! And yet, here I am.

Prince Winblade: And I thought I was dead, and should actually be called Ex-Prince Winblade!

Ex-Prince Winblade: *waves cheerily from his reflection in the river*

Aixe: And I thought I was a bad-tempered monotreme who constantly deals with threats of rolled-up newspapers from a pokemon who thinks that a crumbed-biscuit shirt goes perfectly with cerise leggings and pirate boots.

Luluchu: (brandishing a rolled-up newspaper) Bah, I shouldn't expect any better from you - you have no taste at all. Feel the fashionable sting of my rolled-up paper friend!

Proclamator Zalia: And I thought I...


Proclamator Zalia: How bad-tempered of you, monotreme.


*We fade to black, allowing said predictable writer of this script to step forward and take the stage*

Katie of Bunne: MY STAGE! Mwahahahahha and so on. It will go beautifully next to my spotlight. As the Narrotr...

Narrotr: NARRATOR!

But your thing says "Narrotr"...



Anyway, as the Narrotr said right at the beginning there, cast your minds back, back, back to a time when it was only just 2000 and people were pointing and laughing at everyone who thought the Y2K virus was going to END THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT. A little after my birthday that year, I stole my brother's internet and stumbled across a purply-coloured site based on my favourite series of books at the time: Obernewtyn.
I didn't know it then, but it was going to introduce me to some amazing people who would eventually become close friends. I was a bit shy at first - everyone seemed to know each other so well... but then I found Gally and Aixe and the wondrousness that was SR. It didn't even have a name - it was just vague loonishness shoved together in plays and random skits.
And then I suggested that we embrace the motto of Sustinare Ridiculum: a probably-not-correct Latin phrase meaning "to uphold the absurd".
This became Sus Rid, then SR, but we always ALWAYS upheld the absurd.
Next came LorF. It started off as an innocent question asked in the Dining Hall: If the country were invaded, would you fight for your freedom, or would you submit to the new rule?
The debate intensified to the point where we realised either a) we were all insane and taking this far too seriously, or, b) there was a story to be told here. The question was simplified into "Your Life or your Freedom?", which became the more familiar (but confusing to others) LorF. It turned out there was more than one story to be told and at least a dozen Ober.netters set up a comm on LJ where we could tell these stories.
We lost count some time ago, but we've written several hundred thousand words and formed insanely strong friendships as a result of this simple question asked at Ober.net.
Ober.net started off as the first time I'd ever been able to meet with fellow Obernewtyn fans and ended up being so much more. It really is a special place - I've never come across another one like it. It's more than a website and I hope it continues to be an amazing place and to create incredible friendships for many years to come.

We also have some wonderful messages, from the Guilds! From the Dreamweavers:


From the Mystics:

Mystics: [act]Stare at frying pan[/act]
Ari: It's not saying anything.
EI: Maybe it doesnt have a message.
Min: Actually, I dont think I have ever heard our frying pans talk.
Deb: I guess even in the world of Ober.net frying pans dont talk
All: :-|
Ari: [act]Leaning over frying pan[/act] Wait, I think it's saying something. Happy....Anniversary....Ober.net.
Firefall: Ari, I think it was kind of obvious what you did there.
Ari: ~:| Maybe we better try one of the Glowworms instead.
EI: Agreed.
Deb: Do you have anything to say for yourself, little one?
Worm: [act]High pitched squeaks erupt from the small creature, causing everyone to cover their ears[/act]
EI: [act]Ears are still ringing[/act] Our little glowworm here would like to wish Obernet a very happy 10th Anniversary!
Dawny: Are you sure that's what it said? I heard something about cursing us to oblivion.
EI: [act]Smile is forced[/act] Of course not, why would such a cute little thing do that?
Ari: [act]Ignores impending argument[/act] On behalf of the Mystics and our mostly inanimate mascots, we would love to wish Obernet a happy 10th Anniversary.

From the Wanderers:

Rex: *runs in, barking excitedly and licking everyone across the face* ;P
The Wandie Guildens and Wards: *wander in slightly more sedately to translate Rex's message* ;D
Rex: bark, bark WOOF! *yip*
Lioness: well, time flies when you're having fun... and timtams ;P
Rex: Woof bark *growl* *SNIFF*
Rilla: Big congratulations to everyone at Ober for our 10th Anniversary!
Rex: Bark! woof-yip *growl* :)
Unykorn: and we can't wait for next decade's celebrations! ;D

And from the Ashlings...
Ah yes - the best guild for last then hey ;) No - who are we kidding - all our guilds rock!
It's hard to believe that once upon a time the Ashlings guild was merely known as guild 'C' (for champions, classy, charismatic, cute, cunning - need we go on?) and through our love for Carmody's stories, certain grazing animals and a highly spendiferous dessert we're still ever so proud to be a part of such a wonderful site for 10 years on!
So from the Ashlings' guild we wish the following:


Posted by: Tanya
On: Fri Sep 04 2009, 10:35:44

Wow 10 years. So much has happened in that time.
I first joined Obernet back in 2001 a little over 2 years after it's creation. It was in a time when the internet in our homes was becoming increasingly common but still not as totally wide spread as it is now.

I had just got it on and sitting in front of Google I thought to myself "Now what can I look up. I know, how about Obernewtyn".
I found the then Obernewtyn.com and I was hooked. I saw in it an already thriving community of like minded people and fun times. I soon became part of Sus Rid and had the most wonderful time there. The SR plays were such a big part of my late high school years and I will never forget them.
After time I drifted away a bit only to return in 2004 to find an even bigger community than the one I left and I haven't looked back since then. I've made so many wonderful friends both on and offline and had the most brilliant times. When I was asked to become a mod a couple of years ago and a MoO last year I was truely honoured.
Thank you Obernewtyn.net for so many, many things And Happy 10th Anniversary! :D


Posted by: Min
On: Fri Sep 04 2009, 10:42:37
Oush, I suppose I should sign this too...
[act]tentatively steps forward[/act]

Firstly, huge congratulations to everyone who's ever been involved in the site. The thousands of members we've had come and go (and inevitably, come back from the slavers!) over the years.
What a milestone...it's quite unbelievable.

And now to get soppy on everyone...I try to picture how life would have turned out without Obernet. I can't do it - or, I wouldn't recognise myself.

Obernet has - oddly - shaped my life for almost 10 years (I joined about 4-5 months after Shannon originally created the site).
If I'd never joined, I would never have sparked an interest in web design (at least, at that time). Which means, I would never have gotten the job and into the workplace where I met the love of my life - my wonderful, kind, understanding, patient Paul. The Paul who arranged that amazing surprise birthday present for me, to meet up with Isobelle in Mooloolabah, all those years ago, which has lead to so many fun meetings since.

And a crucial part of this shaping is of course the wonderful friendships that have forged over the years (and all the in-jokes we've managed to snowball along the way!). All you fantastically kind, supportive, loony people. I can't imagine life without you guys being a part of it!
It is for the continual shaping and directing of my life in ways I could have never imagined, that I'm so, so proud to be a part of this site and especially this milestone, and I hope that come another 10 years, we'll all be back here again writing similar messages :P
(only with more holograms and lasers and...and hover-cars! You know, because that's what the future's all about).
Cheers & Chocca,


Posted by: ElspethInnle
On: Fri Sep 04 2009, 18:50:46
Wow, ten years and the site has become more popular than ever!
Even the 1000 members party was hard to believe when it was hosted at the beginning of this year.

I joined in February 2005, a little year 9 person who'd read the Keeping Place first then realised that it was the fourth book in the series X:-/.
I found the others and then there was the impatient waiting for the Stone Key. I was so amazed when I found this site, everyone was so wonderful and nice and most importantly, we all had to share the wait for the next installment (even though some had to wait much more than others).
There is nothing to describe the feeling of coming onto an online community with so many lovely people and all of us have these books in common. Just think of all of the friendships we would not have made if not for this site.

Shannon, thankyou for creating this site.
To all the MoO's over the years - this place would not be the same without you.

Last of all,
Happy 10th Anniversary Obernet!


Posted by: deb
On: Fri Sep 04 2009, 19:37:48
What to add? I too would like to thank Shannon for starting this journey and the Mods and MoOs for keeping it going.
I don't know how long I've been hanging around here but its been a lot of years. Obernet has given me so much pleasure and a place to escape to.
I've made some great friends here and had a whole lot of laughs. Can't wait for the 50th anniversary. I should be able to log on from the nursing home. :P Happy 10th Anniversary Obernewtyn.net!


Posted by: Black Dog
On: Fri Sep 04 2009, 19:58:45
I've only been a part of this community for a few months, but in that time I have grown to become almost dependent on the site.
The many varied forums keep me entertained when I should be doing schoolwork, which is one of my favourite things about the site. If Obernet never existed then I don't know what I'd do, I'd probably need to find another outlet where i can vent my feelings for this series that everyone loves so well.
The fact that this site is such a global community means that I can socialise with people from all over the world, just a few weeks ago i became frinds with someione from the U.S. and i live in Australia. This is evidence of the value of this site to many different people, and I am proud to be a part of it. Let's keep up the good work!!!!


Posted by: Dragon Mornir
On: Fri Sep 04 2009, 21:19:02
Wow.... 10 years of Ober goodness!!
I would like to thank everyone who was ever involved with making Obernet what it is today, special thanks goes to Shannon of course, Min, and any MOO's or Mods over the years. I joined Ober when it was still proboards and Min had her dedicated Ober movie site, and delighted in reading everyones thoughts on a Ober movie. Particularly the detail in which the characters were discussed and how passionate people were.

And now, although i am no where near as frequent visitor as i once was, i still come to Ober regularly, even if to just read through what people are posting and to see updates. I once thought that the list of friends i made online would be countable on 1 hand, but the amount of people i know from Ober astounds me :D Many friendships have been forged on these pages, and through meets, and everyone knows when they have stuff on their plate, or a bad day, they can come to Ober for a hug or someone to listen to them.

It has been a place of refuge when the bad days happen, and a place of celebration when the good things come forth. Congrats Ober *hugs you all* Hope we have plenty more awesome times ahead of us!!

Dragon Mornir xox :roll:


Posted by: Kieran
On: Fri Sep 04 2009, 22:06:27
Obernewtyn.net has earned a special place in my heart over the last few years (since I joined in 2005), and I can't imagine not coming on every day or two, now.
In fact, I don't really know how I found this site; however, I'm glad that I did because I enjoy it so much, and feel at home. It is wonderful to be drawn together into a community by something such as a book series; to be part of a group of people who discuss books, films etc. and who just have a lot of fun.
I don't spend much time on the net (and refuse to join MySpace or Facebook), but the time which I do spend online, I spend it here.
Thankyou to all of the other members, who make Obernet what it is; to its founder for making it; and to Isobelle Carmody, whose books brought us together, and continue to do so.
10 years well spent, and many more to come. :)


Posted by: Moondream
On: Fri Sep 04 2009, 22:20:55
A guest book. Cute! :) 10 yrs of ober.net. Awesome! Wow! 8-|


Posted by: Soulweaver
On: Fri Sep 04 2009, 22:37:23
Happy Birthday obernet!!! I am soo happy to be apart of this and I just wanted to say that everyone here is very kind and supportive of everyone eles. Keep it up everyone!!! ;D(I sound like a teacher! |:()


Posted by: Dream Traveller
On: Fri Sep 04 2009, 22:42:32
I have loved being apart of obernet for the 6 months I have been here. I have made some of the best friends I could ask for. This is truly a place like no other.
I would like to thank everybody who brought this place into being, and Isobelle Carmody for writing the books that have touched the lives of so many.
Here we all put our differences away or bring them out but all find common ground and become friends sharing all our dreams ideas and fun XD I don't think I can begin to describe how wonderful I have found obernet. ;P It has always managed to cheer me up and break my days of boredom :roll:
Dream Traveller



Posted by: Adaimant
On: Fri Sep 04 2009, 22:47:48
Wow, happy birthday Ober.net! :D
Even though I was not here to see you grow, I know you have a special place in my life.

We all love you, Ober.net


Posted by: Firefall
On: Fri Sep 04 2009, 22:51:56
Happy anniversary, Obernewtyn.net!

(Or perhaps ‘birthday’ would suit as well as ‘anniversary’, since this site has taken on a life of its own...)

It’s testament to the quality of this website that it has not only lasted this long, but grown more active and unique with every year. I’ve never come across another online community so friendly, so tight-knit, and so well-organised.

Ober.net’s success demonstrates the kind of fuelled discussions and fun that can come of active, involved forums where people are really interested in what they write and what others have to say—but it also demonstrates how addictive Isobelle Carmody’s writing is, and how much her books and this community have to offer.

Many thanks, then, to Shannon for beginning this site; to the Mods, who help to keep things running smoothly; the MoOs, who not only keep it running but keep it interesting (no small feat, especially after ten years!); to the members who contribute to it, making it not only a place to visit for intellectual discussion, but a place to retreat to for games, competitions, advice, jokes, and conversations with friends (who I’d never have met otherwise, which is a sad thought indeed).

And, of course, many thanks to Isobelle, for writing the books that started it all. :)


Posted by: clare
On: Sat Sep 05 2009, 01:10:40
I remember the first day I stumbled across ober.net's first incarnation, an old xoom webpage. Barely three months had passed since Shannon had stopped looking like a chipmunk.
The next year there were writing competitions, the Wanderers guild and the beginnings of Sustinare Ridiculum and after that I checked the website like an addict.
I've read some great stories and some great poems over the years, written by the very talented members of ober.net (Justine, I know I still owe you some book vouchers...), and it's a real pleasure to see the writing competitions continue.
Many thanks to Min, MOOs, the guildleaders and all the dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who have continued to make this site pretty, fun and a great place to meet like-minded loons.


Posted by: Helena
On: Sat Sep 05 2009, 01:59:07
yeesh! ten years! it seems like yesterday that i joined this place (even though its been almost 3 years :P ). i still feel like a newbie, too ~:|
well, i can't imagine my life without this place either, infact if i hadn't signed up here i think i may have offed myself long ago, because when i signed up in 2007 i'd been digging myself into a big ol' ditch and it just seemed to be getting deeper...
well, its changed a tad since then, i've met some absolutely amazing people, been on many sagas without even leaving my home and eaten so many cyber Tim tams that i gave myself a cyber tummy ache ;D
thanks Shannon and the MoO's for starting the site/maintaining the site, too!
i only have 2 words to say to isobelle, ober.net and the ober.neters: thank you.
because without you i might not still be around :P
[act]grugs everyone[/act]
heres to another 10 years! ;D
~ Hell


Posted by: Rilla
On: Sat Sep 05 2009, 02:16:17
In a few months time, I will graduate from high school. I joined Ober.net when I was in grade 5. I'd just got the Internet connected, and the first thing I did was google The Obernewtyn Chronicles, to find out when the next book would be out.

The first thing to come up was the old N54 Theories Board, and it took me a while to figure out that there was a whole site attached to it :P

I was randomly placed in the Wandies (and spent my first few months fighting fiercely with the newly formed AoC! ;P) and I haven't looked back since!

Ober.net has been such a huge part of my growing up, I don't know what I would have done without it. I have made so many real life friends here, people I can count on to bring me up when I'm down, and make me laugh when the real world gets too much.
Thank you to all those people throughout the years who have kept this site going and made it what it is today!

Happy Birthday Ober.net! Here's to another ten years! :D :-"


Posted by: Btaylahf
On: Sat Sep 05 2009, 02:34:22
WOW! 10 years obernet has been going! i just want to say thanks to every who has made this site possible, as i don't no what i'd do with my spare time if obernet has never been made! and i think everything else has basically been covered form the others! Lets hope we get another ten years!


Posted by: Conrad K Cat!!!
On: Sat Sep 05 2009, 02:40:41
Once upon a time I was searching the net and I found that there was a site dedicated to Obernewtyn. The next day I skipped happily down the road....

OK, I'll be serious. I nagged and pleaded and begged my mum to join this site and it has been amazingly fun to watch people and meet people and surprisingly, even listening to other people's complaints has been fun (though there arent many).

I thank this site for becoming a kind of personal holiday, an escape away from it all. I've been here for two years and will stay for another twenty thanks to Shannon, Min, the MoOs and the mods.

I thank also Isobelle for inspiring this place of friendship and friends. You are an amazing writer. And finally I thank everyone for making this place what it is today.

I'll say it again. Thankyou.



Posted by: cateyes
On: Sat Sep 05 2009, 03:40:37
Wow, double figures! Only a few more years of childhood and then our site'll be a full blown teenager [act]tears up[/act]

So, away from thinking of a site that has seen many changes in appearence as a person, I'd like to say WOW! I can hardly believe an Australian author has sparked such a lovely, welcoming site that has entire sections about it that have nothing to do with her books but here we are looking at it.
Thanks must go to Isobelle for writing the books that brought us all together, to Shannon for getting bored and thinking of a productive, and long-lasting, thing to do with her time, to all the MoOs and Mods over the 10 years for everything they've done, but especially to every other member.

It's not the Guilds, or the moonfairs, or the MoOs, or the Doctor Who thread that makes this site brilliant - it's everyone.
Everyone who posts, lurks, fixing other people's sigs, joins in debate or creates games for others to play. This site is now as much about the people as the books, not that that books aren't still great!

And finally, I think I should say thank you to the girl I sat next in year 9 who told me about these books she had read and this site she'd found with interesting Rushton theories, although she'd never joined. Without her I wouldn't have read them, and I wouldn't have found all of the wonderful people here on obernet! :kiss:


Posted by: ariadne
On: Sat Sep 05 2009, 03:54:33
Firstly, I would like to thank Shannon for the whim that lead to the creation of Obernewtyn.com a decade ago.
It's very clear there is a strong foundation that has followed the site through the change from .com to .net and subsequent host shifts.
I would also like to thank Min for her hard work and dedication, ensuring Ober.net's continued presence in the world wide web.
Thanks also to the MoO's, Mods and guardians who keep everything going day to day, and to Isobelle who is the catalyst for all you see before you.
I have only been a part of the site since June 2006, but have become accustomed the humor, compassion and friendship of fellow members in that time. Ober.net has continued to provide comfort and a sense of belonging that I first found while reading Isobelle's books way back when. It is a unique haven for the Misfit in us all.
Thanks to all those who have participated in this site and made it the warm welcoming community it is and has always been.

Happy 10th Anniversary Obernet!


Posted by: Lioness
On: Sat Sep 05 2009, 07:38:12
*hugs Ober.net*
Congratulations on hitting double figures!! That's a huge achievement, testimony to the phenomenal amount of blood, sweat and tears (sometimes literally :P ) of those who have made Ober work :)
The most obvious are all the MoOs, Mods and GMs over the years, but Ober.net wouldn't be here without every person who has made an input :D
Ober was the first forum site I became actively involved in and I haven't looked back. Plus, without Ober, I wouldn't have met my boyfriend ;P You guys are [strike]like[/strike] a second, gigantic extended family to me :D
Love you all :)


Posted by: flit
On: Sat Sep 05 2009, 08:54:10
Well, what can I say about the impact Obernet has had on my life.

A Lot.

To expand on that in a little more detail, I trotted onto these boards at the end of 2003. Just before the transition to proboards. I could not believe there was a world out there with people who could make me laugh as hard as I did, and involve me in conversations that made me think so much. And not to mention LorF.

Obernet got me through the worst periods in my life, and gave me friends closer than I ever thought possible. It has helped shape the way I see the world and what I want to do with this existance. Hard to believe that all this came from a series of books, but there it is. I owe this site an awful lot.

So from this Loon to another, may Obernewtyn.net have many more years, free of chickens, healthy in left shoes, and plentiful in sherbet lemons.


Posted by: unykorn
On: Sat Sep 05 2009, 10:26:29
Here's to the Obernewtyn Chronicles and their brilliant creator Isobelle. May Obernet be around for many more year to come so that we can endlessly discuss them both. And a great big enormous thank you to all the MoOs and Guardians and assortment of mods over the years. We love you!
Huzzah Obernet! :D


Posted by: Sionainn
On: Sat Sep 05 2009, 12:33:05


Posted by: GL1TT3R
On: Sun Sep 06 2009, 00:58:34
Woah, 10 years...
'Course I haven't been around that long, my ober life only started a few months back! But in those few months I've become an Ober-addict. I NEED to get my fix every day or so! |:|
Obernet is a wonderful website and I have to say Congratulations & Thanks to everyone who has ever done anything for this site, may it be posting a comment or making a forum, You've all done an excellent job! I love you all!! ;D
Looking forward to the next 10 years!
:-} GL1TT3R (Jess)


Posted by: Dragondreaming
On: Sun Sep 06 2009, 01:00:42
Wow!!! TEN years!! Been going since I was 2! Haha.



Posted by: MoonFire
On: Sun Sep 06 2009, 01:43:36
;PHappy Birthday Obernet!
I've only joined a couple months ago...but boy do i love this site.
I've been seeing a lot of people talking on an obernet addiction thread and wondering if i should join! haha! I absolutely love obernet!
it's a fun environment where you can let loose and be whatever you want to be! an alternate universe that i love to live in!
thanks to everyone that puts effort into maintaining this site and making it how it is now!
Lots o' Love, MoonFire


Posted by: Serendipity
On: Sun Sep 06 2009, 06:12:29
I'm still a newbie here, but it doesn't bother me much because I know I will be an active member for many years to come. I love this site so much. I can be who I really am on here, and I have made so many great friends. This site may have caused me to procrastinate a lot more on my school work ~:| but it's been worth it.
Another reason why I love this site is just being able to talk to people who have the same interests as me and can relate to me. This is seriously my favourite internet forum. It is such a great, welcoming community! [act]glomps everyone[/act]
The twenty year reunion will be awesome, because the internet will be even more madder, and who knows we may even be able to teleport etc.

Go OBERNET! We Love You!! ;D


Posted by: Ness
On: Sun Sep 06 2009, 09:33:34
Happy Birthday Obernet!

We've come such a long way from where we started! And yet not quite so far at the same time.

We've grown in size and our website has evolved drastically, but our dedication to IC, her fantastic books and our loonish ways have ever stayed the same. I have no doubt we will continue on this way for many, many more wonderful years to come!


Posted by: mornirkirara
On: Sun Sep 06 2009, 22:48:47
Back in year 6 I was in my school library and pulled off the shelf a book entitled 'Obernewtyn.'
Sometimes, I indulge in futile ponderings, of what my life would be like if I had not picked up that book back all those years ago. Although it's a futile exercise and yet sometimes I cannot help myself, because it just makes me realise and appreciative of the presence of Obernewtyn.net in my life.

I love everyone in this community. Though we may drive each other crazy (though we may say we are not even if that is what crazy people say ;)) I value the presence of each and everyone I meet through this website.
Time and time again this website has brought me great happiness beyond the simple converging of minds for the love a certain author.

Before 'social networking' was all the rage, I had Obernet.
This website is so much more to me then just a fansite, it's a place to retreat, escape and keep in contact with friends who, despite the time the distances between us, the differences in our ages, the time that may have passed over the years.

Despite these things that have led to lost contact with other friends, with Obernetters these things do not seem to matter. I don't know what it is - but I suspect that it's the wavelength of an Obernetter that allows us to get along so well as if we've all known each other for years.
This website really has become a second family for me. In that small act of pulling a book off the shelf, little did I know at the time (as we very rarely do in moments of significance when they are actually occurring) that not only would I be soon reading a great book, but I'd develop a love for an author and close friendships.

Happy birthday Obernewtyn.net! And I thank each and everyone one of you (us :P ;)) for making it such a wonderful place to come back to!


Posted by: Arwen
On: Mon Sep 07 2009, 05:58:56
I've only been a member for about 18 months now, but already I feel as if I've been here forever.
I've made so many online friends, Im desperate to get the chance to meet you all in person one day in the future.
I love the feeling of community here, and that's probably the main reason I can't stay away, even when I've been told off for being here. It's an addiction, but its' one of the best to have.
Without Obernet here to encourage me, and God, I don't think I'd be sitting at my computer right now, and wouldn't have been for about six months.
So thankyou Obernetters for all your encouragement, even if you didn't know you were giving it to me.
Happy 10th Anniversary!


Posted by: littlesadeyes
On: Mon Sep 07 2009, 13:06:17
I started reading the Obernewtyn Chronicles in elementary school. I joined obernet in my Freshman year of high school. That was over four years ago.
Now I'm about to start my first year of college and I cannot believe how much fun I have had hear. What with Mystic Balls, and the Moonfair. I just want to say that as far as I'm concerned, this site has been a huge success.
I've talked with many fantastic people from all over the world thanks to obernet.



Posted by: farseekers
On: Mon Sep 07 2009, 20:14:08
Wow 10 years...!!!! :roll: I was so amazed when I found this site! Everyone was so wonderful and kind but most importantly, we all had to share the wait for the next instalments. There is nothing better in this world that can describe the feeling of coming online with so many charming people and all have these books in common.
Thank you Obernewtyn.net for so many, many things And Happy 10th Anniversary!


Posted by: bookworm23
On: Tue Sep 08 2009, 06:00:54
It was almost a year and a half ago when I first visited obernet, just after reading one of the ober books for the first time.
i noticed this site when i looked up the ober chrons and joined up. i was barely 11 when i joined. now i'm 12 and a half, in Yr 7. I then decied to read all the IC books i could get my hands on(which weren't many ~:| but i tried my best.) anyway a very
to Obernewtyn.net and may Isobelle Carmody write many more books(because without her this site wouldn't exist!) ;P


Posted by: Laya ShadowAngel (Ayla)
On: Tue Sep 08 2009, 06:34:30
Isobelle Carmody's Obernewtyn Chronicles have literally changed my life... I know it sounds like a funny thing to say but it has... Gave me strength to follow my own path and not wait for life to giving me things - but to live my life to make things happen. To be who I want to be and stay strong in myself and my friends. When I found this site my heart went out as I saw I wasn't the only one who shared the magic of this adventure.
Thank you for giving me hope, and an adventure to always remember as I continue my journey... and maybe one day you'll even read one of my very own books and I can inspire you back. :-" Ayla


Posted by: Zieria
On: Tue Sep 08 2009, 06:46:17
Happy Birthday Obernet! :D

I first read Obernewtyn around ten years ago, but at that stage I barely used the internet, and it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I joined Obernet.
It was – as I was soon to realise – something I was never going to regret, except that I didn't join sooner!
Congrats and many thanks to all the MoOs and Guardians past and present for helping to make Obernet the awesome site it is, and also to all the members who are and have ever been a part of this site and helped make it such a fun, friendly and welcoming place!
It's fantastic to be able to share my love for Isobelle Carmody's books with those who understand – and that's only the beginning of the connections I've made with other Obernetters. I'm delighted that our community of Misfits has survived and flourished so well, and I'm looking forward to many many more years with you all!

[act]grugs[/act] Long live Obernet! :D


Posted by: Nef
On: Tue Sep 08 2009, 09:35:28
10 years! Go Obernet! I can't believe I've actually been a member for a few years - it always seems like I'm coming to it for the first time.
I love coming onto the boards and meeting so many wonderful people - Here's to another 10 years! And maybe, just maybe ... in one of those 10 years, Fian will finally win BotY :roll:


Posted by: Smigglegirl
On: Tue Sep 08 2009, 18:15:47
HAPPY BIRTHDAY OBERNET!!!! The first time i read Obernewtyn i loved it. :roll: :nod:


Posted by: Grace
On: Wed Sep 09 2009, 01:12:42
Thanks so much for creating this site, it is amazing.
Full of games, facts and interesting theories, I never get bored when im online. To all of the people that put their time and effort into developing and working on this site, you are awesome! A wonderful site, and a good place for me to procrastinate, it helps me to remember why I love isobelle's books so much.



Posted by: Courtney De Salis
On: Wed Sep 09 2009, 02:45:48
I first picked up obernewtyn when i was 11 and havnt put it down.
I'm about to turn 21 and still am finding more and more about each book that I love, am so glad i found this place too. a bunch of like minded people that done discriminate when you cant make it online other than study X:-/ Much love and thanks to miss isobelle of course and to all those that helped this creation move from cupcakes to red corial *cheers*


Posted by: megana
On: Thu Sep 10 2009, 08:18:26
Wow, has it really been 10 years? I guess for me it's only been about half that, and what a great time it's been!

Happy birthday obernet, and many thanks to the many wonderful people who make this community the magnificent place that it is!

I've watched it grow and change, and still love ducking in (rather sneakily these days) to see what's going on.

I hope it continues to be the online home of IC fans for many more years to come! :D


Posted by: kaylanr
On: Thu Sep 10 2009, 20:42:07
4 years, 8 months, 3 weeks, 1 day, 6 hours, 59 minutes, and 42 seconds ago, I clicked "join" on the old Proboards website, thinking "oh this purple looks pretty", but not thinking much about what the site actually meant.

I had previously read the first two books and had gone in search of the others via the internet, when I stumbled across the coolest website I had ever seen at that time.

Now, all these years later, I have come to realise that Ober.Net has meant so much more to me than I could ever imagine. I never was one for actually staying a member on websites, or actually posting (in fact I only post on one other site), but I became addicted to Ober.Net, purely because I could discuss the books that I loved, where in reality nobody wanted to know.

I don't talk to many people, I'm quite a hermit, and in high school I was ostracised, yet here, on Ober.Net, I feel companionship, and I feel as though my opinions actually matter.

Isobelle Carmody has given me things not many authors have. She has brightened my day when I felt useless, or unloved. When I entered Elspeth's world, I left my own and found solace for the first time. I felt happy when she was happy, sad when she was sad, and in a way, she became my friend. I just wish I had found her earlier!

Happy birthday Ober.Net! And thankyou to everyone who has put in so much effort to maintain this wonderful site! It means so much to so many people. It's a real community, and I am so glad I am part of it.

I am a misfit! :D


Posted by: Meriymun
On: Thu Sep 10 2009, 23:35:26
Wow 10 years!! I only recently discovered Obernet (May this year) but already I can't imagine a world without Obernet and hopefully never will!


Posted by: olligobber
On: Fri Sep 11 2009, 04:24:40
I just joined, but I must say, this place is better then I expected! It has also improved my online connection (social) by showing me many great sites and introducing me to many more people! Congratulations to everyone assisting in the making of this site! IT IS GREAT! ;D ;D ;D


Posted by: Mooney
On: Sun Sep 13 2009, 02:31:08
wow guys this is amazing, 10 years. Ive only been with ober.net for a while but i think you all agree with me that it just keeps getiing better. congrats everyone lets keep going :roll:


xx Mooney aka G.


Posted by: maz
On: Mon Sep 14 2009, 10:25:57
Wow... 10 years. ;P I thought I would try to think of something inventive to say but I fail as I so often do to express the depth of my feeling.

I found Obernet when I was first using the internet about 9 years ago. I must have been 13 then! I thought then that there was only one more book in the 'Obernewtyn trilogy'.

Thanks to Ober.net I have had company and amusement on my long wait. Company in my fandom that is so severely lacking in Britain.



Posted by: cat.
On: Tue Sep 15 2009, 03:59:54
Obernet is a wonderful community. The people around here are so helpful and friendly! Obernet wouldn't have been born and grown without the dedicated MoO's and Guardians, as well as Shannon herself for starting a community that spans across the world and has grown over ten years.
Happy Decade Obernet! ;D


Posted by: Cameo854
On: Thu Sep 24 2009, 01:42:57
Happy Birthday Obernet, and I'd just like to say a big thankyou for all the worderful, funny, kind, hilarious, caring and AWESOME people you've introduced me to.
Eleven months ago I though I was alone in my Obernewtyn/Dr-Who obsession until I googled Obernewtyn after reading the series and discovered this wondrous site.
I don't know what I'd do without my favourite Sus-Rid forum, in which I've created myself in all the different ways I wished I was.
A great big Happy Birthday from me.


Posted by: ♥Aquachick21♥
On: Mon Sep 28 2009, 18:31:04
Happy Birthday Ober.net! Hpoe it's great! ;D


Posted by: Mornir Dragon
On: Wed Sep 30 2009, 00:49:50
I've only been a member for about 9 months and it has been a great time. obernet saves me in many boring subjects and i love exploring the sight... it is the best time waster, yet i wouldnt really call it that.

Some things too always remember, no matter how much time goes by:
** never eat anything Ariel tries to give you, espesh not his cookies, they could be Dark Side Cookies
**Have fun putting Elf and Ariel in a relationship... and seeing how it turns out bwhahaha (check out the Mr and Mr Smith thread in the story den :) )
** go absolutly nuts when 'the sending' comes out!!!! (and for the next few years after) forever in debt to IC for introducing me to the woderful world of obernewtyn!!!!
JUST WAIT TILL WE GET TO 20 YEARS!!! (0-)worldwidde party anyone? ;D :-" :roll:


Posted by: windchime
On: Thu Oct 01 2009, 21:12:56
great sight


Posted by: Nae
On: Thu Oct 01 2009, 22:57:39
I'm a new fan & would just like to say; "keep up the excellent work!" Very talented writer, the series has me captivated... ;D


Posted by: Lilanthe
On: Wed Oct 07 2009, 21:25:10
HAPPY BIRTHDAY OBERNET cant imagine what life would be like without you :-} :nod: (L) :-}


Posted by: Hello
On: Sun Oct 18 2009, 19:27:10
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! :roll: ;D


On: Mon Oct 19 2009, 00:18:26
Happy Anniversary Obnet! Ten years is an amazing achivement XD Hope you last for another ten years more!!!


Posted by: marrumanyelloweyes
On: Fri Oct 23 2009, 21:21:17
I've only been here for a year, but I wish I could say I'll be here for another ten years. It hardly seems fair that newbies like me only have to wait a few months to read the whole series while the awesome people here have been waiting for years.
When I take over the world, I'll track all the members down and make them into ministers, or kings or queens or somthing. In those days, Obernewtyn will be worshiped as it should be.


Posted by: Kara Beasley
On: Tue Nov 03 2009, 08:53:15
:roll:Have only read the first one but so far I love it! Now, to order the second one:)


Posted by: Moondream
On: Fri Nov 06 2009, 21:17:30
Woop Woop! Wow! That looonnggg!!!! Uh. I wish i had known about this forum before...


Posted by: raven
On: Thu Nov 12 2009, 17:43:29
|:| ahem, so very belated happy anniversary obernet! ~:| :P


Posted by: halfbreeds_rule
On: Fri Nov 13 2009, 06:26:07
:kiss: *hugs and kisses Obernet*
Though that isn't physically possible. Wishing you a happy 10th Birthday! Once thing Obernet introduced me to is the totally awesome emoticons.
I try to replicate them in real life. x_X
Another thing Obernet has revealed is a whole new group of people who are just as misfitty as me :D

But Obernet wouldn't exist without Isobelle Carmody in the first place, so thank you Isobelle; and all the wonderful people who have made this website possible. May the SPORKS be with you! (actually may the sporks not be with you because I intend to annihilate them.

Come to think of it, why is Obernet the only place infested with sporks? It puzzles me ??? ) I hope you PARTY ON! for many years to come :-" :roll:


Posted by: Farseeker
On: Tue Jan 26 2010, 00:40:34
1 Year is ok. 2 Years better. 3 Years 3 going good. 4 Years having fun. 5 Years really good. 6 Years is great. 7 Years is awsome. 8 Years is two x great fun. 9 Years is fantastic! 10 YEARS IS OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Posted by: loza 537
On: Sat May 29 2010, 05:21:04
[roller]go ober.net and happy birthday[/roller] ;D


Posted by: Meza
On: Sat Jan 01 2011 01:49:37
OML!! Ten years!
I can't believe I only joined in its tenth year! My life without this place would be as dull as zuchini on an empty dinner plate! Thank you so much Ober.net, for the fun, insanity and laughter.
And than you especially Shannon, the moderators and the MoOs throughout the site for making it so wonderful!

[roller]HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY!!![/roller]

:roll: :D ;P ;) ;D :-" :nod: XD |;) :kiss: (L) :) 8)