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Isobelle Carmody was born in 1958 in Victoria and grew up looking after her seven brothers and sisters, whom she kept in line by telling horror stories. She began writing the first book of The Obernewtyn Chronicles when she was just fourteen years old, and then went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree and a journalism cadetship. Obernewtyn was shortlisted for the 1988 Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award and since then her profile has grown dramatically. The sequel, The Farseekers was an Honour Book in the 1991 awards. This was followed by volume three of the series, Ashling and volume four, The Keeping Place, both of which have increased Carmody's band of loyal readers like us.

With a host of other award-winning novels to her credit, she is one of Australia's most highly regarded and prominent authors of fantasy for young adult readers. Several of her books have also been published to great acclaim in the UK and US.

During recent years Isobelle received a grant from the Australia Council Literature Board to reside at the Keesing Writers Studio in Paris for six months and she has toured outback Australia visiting schools in remote areas. Isobelle divides her time between her home on the Great Ocean Road in Australia and her travels abroad. She has spent much of the last two years living in Prague with her partner, the Czech writer and musician Jan Stolba

When in Australia she regularly visits schools as a public speaker, lectures and passionately promotes her books to her readers.

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Isobelle Carmody Bibliography


The Obernewtyn Chronicles

Book Name Series Published


Obernewtyn Chronicles 1987, Penguin (Puffin)

The Farseekers

Obernewtyn Chronicles 1990, Penguin (Viking)


Obernewtyn Chronicles 1995, Penguin (Viking)

The Keeping Place

Obernewtyn Chronicles 1999, Penguin (Viking)

The Stone Key

Obernewtyn Chronicles 2008, Penguin

The Sending

Obernewtyn Chronicles 2011, Penguin

The Red Queen

Obernewtyn Chronicles 12 November 2015, Penguin

The Obernewtn Chronicles - Omn

Book Name Series Published


Obernewtyn Chronicles 2008, Random House (US/Canada)

The Waking Dragon*

Obernewtyn Chronicles TBA, Random House (US/Canada)

Obernewtyn & The Farseekers

Obernewtyn Chronicles 2000, Science Fiction Book Clu

The Obernewtyn Chronicles (Boo

2002, Penguin

The Seeker*

Obernewtyn Chronicles 2011, Bluefire (US/Canada)

The Rebellion*

Obernewtyn Chronicles 2011, Bluefire (US/Canada)

The Dreamtrails*

Obernewtyn Chronicles 2011, Bluefire (US/Canada)


Book Name Series Published


Legendsong Trilogy 1997, Penguin (Viking)


Legendsong Trilogy 2002, Penguin (Viking)


Legendsong Trilogy (after The Obernewtyn Chron

The Gateway Trilogy

Book Name Series Published

Billy Thunder & the Night Gate

Gateway Trilogy 2000, Penguin (Puffin)

The Winter Door

Gateway Trilogy 2001, Penguin (Puffin)

The Firecats Dream

Gateway Trilogy unknown

The Legend of Little Fur

Book Name Series Published

Little Fur: The Legend of Litt

The Legend of Little Fur 2005, Penguin (Viking)

A Fox Called Sorrow

The Legend of Little Fur 2006, Penguin (Viking)

A Mystery of Wolves

The Legend of Little Fur 2007, Penguin (Viking)

A Riddle of Green

The Legend of Little Fur 2008, Penguin (Viking)

Standalone Books

Book Name Series Published


1991, Penguin (Viking)

The Gathering

1993, Penguin (Puffin)


1997, Penguin (Puffin)

This Way Out

1998, Penguin

Alyzon Whitestarr

2005, Penguin

Graphic Novels

Book Name Series Published


- 2001, Lothian


October 2015

Standalone Children's Boo

Book Name Series Published

The Wrong Thing

- 2006, Penguin


- 2002, Scholastic (Omnibus)

Journey From the Centre of the

- 2003, Lothian

Night School

2010, Penguin

Short Stories

Book Name Series Published

Green Monkey Dreams

1996, Penguin (Viking)

Metro Winds

2012, Allen & Unwin

The Kingdom of the Lost

Book Name Series Published

The Red Wind

The Kingdom of the Lost 2010, Penguin

The Cloud Road

The Kingdom of the Lost 24 April 2013, Penguin

The Ice Maze

The Kingdom of the Lost 2017, Penguin

The Velvet City

The Kingdom of the Lost forthcoming, Penguin

Part of an anthology

Book Name Series Published

A Splinter of Darkness

Dark House 1995, Reed (Mammoth)

Bear Flower (M)

The First Time II 1996, Hodder Headline Australi

The Man Who Lost His Shadow (M

Dreaming Down Under 1998, Tor

Guinevere, or The Sleeping Bea

The Road to Camelot 2002, Random House

The Dove Game

Gathering the Bones 2003, Tor


Kids Night In 2 2005, Penguin (Puffin)

Perchance to Dream

Dreaming Again 2008, HarperCollins

The Dark Road

Legends of Australian Fantasy 2010, HarperSydney

Moth's Tale

Tales from the Tower (Vol 1: T 2011, Allen & Unwin

The Journey

Trust Me Too 2012, Ford St; 2016 Bolinda

The Stone Witch

Under My Hat 2012, Random House

Grigori’s Solution

Fearsome Magics 2014, Solaris


Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean 2014, Zubaan Books

Part of a multi-author series

Book Name Series Published

Angel Fever

Quentaris Chronicles 2004, Lothian

The Cat Dreamer

Quentaris Chronicles 2005, Lothian

The Red Shoes

After Dark 1996, Lothian

The Landlord

After Dark 1999, Lothian
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