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Here's our collection of Isobelle Carmody interviews, provided by members over the years who've had a chance to meet Isobelle at school talks, book launches and writing festivals, plus interviews from other websites and publishers (all used with approval from the source). [hr][/hr]

3 November 2015 - Isobelle Carmody, the Booktopia Podcast (Audio/interview)

Sarah McDuling catches up with one of her literary heroes, Isobelle Carmody, to chat about the long anticipated final book in the award-winning Obernewtyn Chronicles, The Red Queen. Originally posted here: Isobelle Carmody, the Booktopia Podcast; republished on for archiving purposes.

4 September 2014 - Isobelle Carmody interview by The Book Wars

Isobelle Carmody answers questions about The Obernewtyn Chronicles, including what inspired her to write it at the time, and about writing for YA and children in general. Originally posted here: Isobelle Carmody: An interview/an apology/an introduction; reposted with permission from The Book Wars.

30 August 2014 - The Australian Spec Fic Snapshot 2014 – Isobelle Carmody

Isobelle Carmody talks The Red Queen, the Greylands film, how travel has effected her writing, and more. Originally posted here: The Australian Spec Fic Snapshot 2014 – Isobelle Carmody; reposted with permission from David McDonald.

6 June 2013 - Dear Teen Me from author Isobelle Carmody

Isobelle Carmody writes a letter to her 14-year-old self providing insights into our favourite author's teenage life and the driving forces behind her picking up a pen and forging a career that means so much to so many. Originally posted on Dear Teen Me website, reposted with permission from both website and Isobelle.

7 April 2013 - Isobelle Carmody interview - "My Country Childhood"

Full interview appears in Country Style magazine, April 2013 edition - this is an image of the first page of the interview, including photographs from Isobelle's childhood.

1 Nov 2012 - Greylands Launch Event - Isobelle Carmody in conversation with Maureen McCarthy (video)

The folk at Dark Matter Fanzine have published an hour-long video recording of Isobelle's Greylands relaunch event that took place at Readings Carlton on 22 October 2012.

22 July 2012 - Metro Winds / Isobelle Carmody interview by The Age

Isobelle Carmody discusses how her childhood has inspired her writing. Posted on Obernet for archiving purposes; no copyright infringement intended; via The Age (Entertainment).

5 June 2012 - 2012 Snapshot Interview: Isobelle Carmody

In this interview, Isobelle describes her feelings now that the Obernewtyn Chronicles are almost over. She also mentions the Beforetime Chronicles, Tales from the Tower, Metro Winds and Green Monkey Dreams. Posted on Obernet with permission from the interviewer, Kathryn Linge.

2 June 2012 - Isobelle Carmody introduces Metro Winds (audio)

In this talk, Isobelle discusses her new collection of short stories, Metro Winds, including how and why she wrote it. Includes some live readings of snippets of the book. Download MP3. Posted on Obernet with permission from the Dark Matter Fanzine website.

26 May 2012 - Transcript of SWF 2012 Panel: A Neverending Story: Fantasy Worlds Panel with Isobelle Carmody, Justine Larbalestier, and Scott Westerfeld

For those of us who missed out on Isobelle's Sydney Writers' Festival 2012 panel, here it is! Transcribed by dweomeroflight at her blog, InkAshlings (posted on Obernet with permission).

23 May 2012 - Isobelle Carmody's Fantasy World, with Michael Cathcart (ABC Radio Books and Arts Daily show) (audio)

From the ABC Radio's Blog: Download MP3.

7 Jan 2012 - Isobelle Interview by Rowena Cory-Daniells

An interview from Rowena Cory-Daniells site, talking about inspiration, why she writes fantasy, and sources of creativity. Posted on Obernet with permission from Rowena Cory-Daniells - thank you!

8 Nov 2011 - Official Release of The Sending at Supernova Brisbane (video)

The Sending has now officially been released since Saturday! Although many of you were able to get your hands on copies well before the official date, the official release at Supernova Brisbane was a big event for all Obernewtyn fans, and enjoyed immensely by those able to attend it.

4 Nov 2011 - Isobelle Carmody Interview with Kelly Higgins-Devine (ABC Radio Brisbane)(audio)

Australian fantasy writer Isobelle Carmody has just released her latest book “The Sending”. The highly anticipated release is the sixth instalment of the Obernewtyn Chronicles, a series Isobelle started working on in 1972 when she was only 14 years old. Download MP3. From the ABC Radio's Blog.

3 Nov 2011 - Isobelle Carmody interview with Richard Aedy (ABC Radio National) (audio)

Isobelle talks about her love of writing and of what it's like to live between Australia and Prague. Download MP3. From the ABC Radio's Radio National website.

5 Sep 2011 - Penguin Presents - Isobelle Carmody (video)

Our Penguin contact Felicity has passed us a newly-uploaded video in which Isobelle talks about her writing, drawing and life with her family in the lead up to the much anticipated sixth book in The Obernewtyn Chronicles, 'The Sending', in her beautiful hometown of Apollo Bay.

2 Sep 2011 - Presentation of the Nance Donkin Award 2011 to Isobelle Carmody

Dr MacIntyre announced the winner of the Nance Donkin Award for 2011 to be Isobelle Carmody. By co-incidence, Isobelle was at that very moment accepting an award for Book of the Year and was unable to attend our meeting. The Award was accepted on her behalf by her daughter, Adelaide, and her friend, Rosie Borella. Rosie and Adelaide spoke about Isobelle's work and Rosie read a speech from Isobelle. From The Society of Women Writers Page.

1 Sep 2011 - Double honour for kids' author - The Advertiser (image)

Isobelle Carmody took out two separate honours last week in recognition of her work as a children's author. The former Geelong Advertiser journalist picked up one of the industry's most prestigious awards when her novel, The Red Wind was named as the Children's Book Council's Book of the Year in the younger readers category...

1 May 2011 - The Big Four Interviews - Isobelle Carmody

An interview from Burn Bright, where Isobelle talks to Bec Stafford about her approach to writing, how hard it is to finish a series that she's been working with for so long (i.e, the Sending), her living abroad, and which of her characters are her favourites, and why. Posted on Obernet with approval from Burn Bright - thanks guys!

27 Apr 2011 - TLC Books Interview with Isobelle Carmody by Tanya Caunce

Isobelle answers questions about why she loves fantasy writing, the pressures of waiting fans, which writing form she prefers, and a number of other interesting topics - including a few tidbits about The Sending and The Red Queen. Posted on Obernet with approval from - thank you Tanya!

5 Aug 2010 - The High Road to Fantasy - Isobelle Carmody transcript

On Thursday 5th August 2010, Isobelle spoke at the Queenscliff Hotel as part of her Red Wind release tour. She allowed the entire talk to be recorded with the intention of posting a transcript on Obernet for those who couldn't be there, which Deb has taken many, MANY hours to transcribe - and the entire mammoth transcript is within! Viewable to members only!

8 Sep 2009 - Video Interview & Anniversary Message from Isobelle!

Back at the Sydney Writers' Festival in May 2009, Penguin interviewed Isobelle and they contacted me, asking if I could discreetly gather some questions from our Theories board to ask her. As part of their wonderful anniversary gift to us, Sharlene has sent me the video interview - which contains a special message from Isobelle, to us, right at the end! Many thanks to Sharlene @ Penguin for gifting us this - and Isobelle for taking the time to do it!

16 Aug 2009 - Youtube Interview with Isobelle on The Obernewtyn Chronicles - Penguin (video)

Isobelle Carmody is Australia's most highly acclaimed author of fantasy titles for older readers. She began her first book, Obernewtyn, when she was fourteen and since then she has written some of our greatest works of fantasy. In this video Isobelle talks about writing the Obernewtyn Chronicles available from Penguin Books Australia... Uploaded by PenguinAustralia on Aug 16, 2009

24 Jun 2009 - Off The Shelf, with Isobelle Carmody, an Interview from ABC Radio National (audio)

With permission and thanks to the ABC's Off the Shelf program, we'd like to draw attention to Isobelle Carmody audio / interview from 2009, where she discusses which books she turns to for inspiration. Download MP3. Thanks for letting us post it, ABC!

18 June 2009 -'s Isobelle Carmody Interview by Joshua S Hill

Isobelle talks about her love of animals, her childhood, when and how she first considered being a writer, and of course Obernewtyn. It offers a wonderful insight into the relationships of the characters we love so much. Posted on Obernet with approval from - thank you Josh & Lee!

23 May 2009 - Sydney Writers Festival 2009 Meet: Transcript of coffee catch-up with Isobelle!

On May 23rd 24th, about 30 Obernetters gathered in Sydney for the Sydney Writers' Festival 2009 - to attend the Isobelle Carmody / Garth Nix panel on Sunday. On the 23rd, during a coffee break at Max Brenners, Min pulled a sneak attack on the Obernetters present, and arrived with Isobelle Carmody in tow! Isobelle spent a good 3 hours with us, chatting about everything and anything! Thank you Deb and Zieria for taking the time to transcribe this!

14 Dec 2008 - Becoming Better Humans: An Interview with Author Isobelle Carmody

Carmody talked about the Obernewtyn Chronicles--and the philosophical questions behind it--in a recent email interview with Heidi of Posted on Obernet with approval from - thank you Heidi & Tom!

Aug 2005 - Little Fur Launch Interview

Here's a transcript from the exclusive IC interview, taken place at the Little Fur launch in August '05, which Isobelle Carmody personally invited our members. Emerald, Yvette and Frankie were on the scene and recorded the following! Thanks to Kayt for transcribing it! Please note, this interview was recorded by Frankie, and transcribed by Kayt, and may not be used anywhere else without those members express permission!

7 Mar 2005 - Dani's Isobelle Interview

On Monday the 7th of March 2005 I was privileged to go and meet Isobelle Carmody! It was a function held for International Woman's Day and Isobelle was a guest speaker. It was held at All Hallows School in Brisbane City. My friend and I talked to IC during the morning tea break and asked her some questions! I also shook her hand and got three books signed!

19 Feb 2003 - Kit's Isobelle Interview

This was an interview recorded by Kit when Isobelle went to her school. It was posted on the Theories board on the 19th February 2003, and she consented to us putting it up on the site for everyone to read!! Thanks for the great interview Kit!

20 Oct 2002 - Darksong Launch Interview

We caught up with Isobelle at the launch of her new book Darksong, the 2nd book in the Legendsong Trilogy. The event was opened by Richard Harland, author of "Ferren and the Angel", and good friend of Isobelle's. It was held at Twofloorsup, a nightclub in Melbourne on the 20/10/2002. Despite the large numbers of people there, Isobelle was kind enough to grant us this interview.... and we got some very surprising answers for you all!! OBERNEWTYN.NET EXCLUSIVE