What in Lud's Name is Xmas??

Coldwhite covers Obernewtyn and the pass has cut the Misfits off from the rest of the Land weeks ago. Some bored teknoguilders come across several books that mention a Beforetime event, called "Christmas" or "Xmas". Wanting to liven up their winter, they show Garth, who shows Guildmerge, in an effort to bring some cheer to the cold months ahead.
Only problem is, they can't decide what Xmas meant to the Beforetimers, and so have trouble explaining exactly what they are going to do themselves.
Some accounts say it was a religious holiday, marking the birth date of their Lud. Others say it was a ceremony in which many candles were lit, presumably to stay warm. One finds a book of songs dedicated to the event, and tries to convince them it is simply a large musical jamboree. Horrified, one insists that it was a time of war, where the army of red-clad Beforetime attacked a country called Turka. And others find records of it being a Beforetime strategy to sell plast trinkets.
Confused, the teknoguilders consult the Empath guild, who after much deliberation, write a song about what they believe Xmas could mean to the Misfits and Obernewtyn.

This month’s writing challenge is to write a poem from the Misfits perspective - the Empath's song (we won't make you write music, though - we just want the words) about how Xmas for the Misfits might progress - interpreted in any meaning of the holiday (even those we haven't mentioned above).

Entries open from now until [strike]30 November[/strike] 14 December 2009.

Submission Requirements
Your entry should be no longer than 500 words, and in 'poem' format. You can only enter once, so make sure you're happy with the entry before you submit it!

1st: 40
2nd: 30
3rd: 20
Entry: 5

Judges: Deb, Aoife and Bambi
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If you volunteer to be a judge, you cannot enter this competition.

To submit, please post directly to the Fanfiction section of the site, and select the "What in Lud's Name is Xmas?" Category.
For a complete FAQ on how to submit your stories to the Fanfiction section, see this post.
Don't worry about anyone stealing your ideas after you submit, either; all entries will remain hidden until the end of the competition.

If you have any questions, please ask them below!
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    2 week extension - c'mon ppls, no entries yet! :(

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    I've never judged before, but I'd be happy to learn how!

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