Win $100 worth of books, courtesy of Penguin Australia

Details: Our wonderful Sharlene of Penguin Australia, when hearing of our 10th anniversary, gave us 5 x $100 worth of books, to give away in 5 competitions.
Run during Moonfair initially, we are now extending this competition until the end of January 2010. You won't gain any points for entering the following competitions - but you will be in the running to win one of these $100 book packs. Each competition winner will receive $100 worth of a good selection of new books, bestsellers and some classics. To enter any of these competitions, PM The Penguin. Competitions are open from now until the 31st January 2010. Make sure you include the Competition Name (whichever option you enter) in the subject line, to ensure that your entry is sorted correctly. And yes, you can enter all of these competitions if you want to, to increase your chances at winning. Many thanks to Penguin and Sharlene for this wonderful set of prizes! And without further ado, the competitions! [hr][/hr] The Artsy Option: Draw, paint, sketch - use whichever medium you want - and create an artwork revolving around any of the cities, towns, or misc. locations (such as Silent Vale, Stonehill, etc) in the Obernewtyn Chronicles. The Comedy Option: Using your creative wit (and possibly, SouthPark Studio), design a comic strip, revolving around anything to do with the Ober Chrons, Isobelle's other works or a even reference to The Written Option: Write a 1000 word or less Fanfiction, containing (but not limited to) the characters of Dragon and Elspeth, and including the words vacuous, eclectic and flummox in it somewhere. The Theory Option: Explain in 500 words or less how Ariel and Salamander know one another... The Default Option: In 100 words or less tell us why you love books. Plain and simple :) Each winning entry from each of the above competitions will receive $100 worth of books from Penguin! If you have any questions about these competitions, please Ask The Penguin. Good Luck!
    13 years ago

    The winners of this comp are posted now here: ~Link~

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    14 years ago

    Yay! Another extension! Seriously, I finally got an idea for a cartoon as of 2 am January 1st. Honestly, who does that? :| ;D
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