Acrostic Poems

This month's writing competition requires you to write an Acrostic Poem about one of the character's feature in Isobelle Carmody's works.

An acrostic poem uses the first letters in the name as the prompt to use words or form sentences that describe the character. For example, if we use 'Jik':



Just a young boy
In the clutches of the Herders
Knows that he is not a freak

Entry requirements:
- Entries are open from now until the 1st May
- There's no word limit (but it is an acrostic poem, so please keep it within reason)
- You can enter up to 3 poems for this competition
- Have fun with it! While we leave it up to you how you utilise the letters in word, judges are likely to assess how well you use words to portray the character, tell a story or make 'em laugh. Rhyming the lines may be used to win favour as well :P

1st: 20
2nd: 15
3rd: 10
Entry: 3 (for 3 poems, a maximum of 9 entry points)

Judges: Daywatcher, Tanya and Sam16
[Do you want to be a judge? Read what's required here.]

To submit:
To submit, please post directly to the Fanfiction section of the site, and select the "Acrostic Poems" Category.
For a complete FAQ on how to submit your stories to the Fanfiction section, see this post.
Don't worry about anyone stealing your ideas after you submit, either; all entries will remain hidden until the end of the competition.

If you have any questions, or are confused about what to enter, post a comment below!
    13 years ago

    I wrote 3 poems ages ago and thought I had entered them but I had checked the wrong box! Can they still be accepted or is it too late? I'm sorry if this is very inconvenient. :-/

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    13 years ago

    I'm entering 3 poems right now. *sorry for a last minute entry!*

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    13 years ago

    I entried thrice!

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    13 years ago

    Judges aren't really first priority, VC, entries are :P

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    13 years ago

    I don't want to sound pushy but have the judges being decided for this competition? ;D *huggles min* I know you've got so much stuff to do Min.

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