Epitaph One

This month's writing competition requires you to write an Epitaph to one of the character's in Isobelle Carmody's works.

An Epitaph is usually a short inscription that is written about a person when their life has passed on. It can be praise, or a reflection on one's life.

Entry requirements:
- Entries are open from now until the [strike]31st May[/strike] 14th June
- As this is an Epitaph, it should not exceed more than 200 words, or more than 5 lines.
- You can enter up to 3 poems for this competition
- Though an epitaph is generally written for people who have moved on from one life to the next, it does not need to be all 'doom & gloom' just a few words that you think the character will be remembered for. The character does not already have to have passed away. Judges will be looking for how well you captured the essence of the character, but of course, a fun / light hearted comment can work just as well as a deep and meaningful.

1st: 20
2nd: 15
3rd: 10
Entry: 3 (for 3 poems, a maximum of 9 entry points)

Judging Coordinator: Deb
Judges: Bunne and need 1 more (volunteer below!)
[Do you want to be a judge? Read what's required here.]

To submit:
Once you've written your piece, submit it to the Fanfiction section of the site, in the "Epitaph One" category. User name won't be displayed until after the competition has finished, so judges can make a non-biased assessment of all work submitted.

If you have any questions, or are confused about what to enter, post a comment below!
    13 years ago

    :roll:wow a lot of people want to be judges i guess you dont need another volunteer but im at your disposal if you need me i love reading well written poetry (i hate ryhming poems that dont have any other techniques in them) i think the best poetry is that half way between speech and song it kind of just flows.
    schools kind of at a flat at the moment so i wont bail at the last minute
    i dont really know anyone so im not baised btu know the obernewtyn charaters well so i can judge the desciptioon well.
    If you need me can you PM me

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    13 years ago

    Are you still looking for another judge? I've got a judging sized void in my life right now. (Thats me volunteering by the way)

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    13 years ago

    if you dont find another judge, I am happy to judge this one :) if you have forgiven for my last disappearance, that is Min :P

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    13 years ago

    I entered, so I hope this one comes up. Otherwise I am an idiot in managing my fanfic :P

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    13 years ago

    As I am too busy to write for this one I am happy to judge.

    Conrad, follow the instructions in the link.
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