Visions of Obernewtyn

This competition is now closed; thanks to everyone who entered! For the next two weeks we'll be running a photography competition on's facebook page, where we're asking you to post any photos you have taken that relate to scenes from the Obernewtyn Chronicles. Mountains, castles, animals, people - anything that reminds you of a moment that happens in the books, whether they be random snaps from your holidays or pictures you've taken specifically for this competition. You can also set up a scene and photograph it.
  • If your photo contains people, please ensure they are happy having their picture posted before posting it as if it wins, it will be shared.
  • The photo must be your own work; please do not post photos you found on someone else's wall, copyright to anyone other than yourself, or found through google image. If a photo isn't yours, it'll be disqualified and deleted.
To enter: Publish your photos directly to the facebook page. Be sure you add your username and some description text that identifies which scene each photo is representing, either as you upload it, or as a comment directly under your photograph once it's uploaded. Important! As this competition is intended to be for members, please ensure you include your Obernet user name when you upload. If you aren't a member yet and you want to enter this competition, you can sign up to here. You do not have to be a member of an Obernet guild to enter, but if you are part of one, you can add which guild you're from with your entry. You'll get 1 guild point for every photo you upload, to a maximum of 10 points per member. Winners will be chosen by Isobelle and will be featured on her Facebook wall, attributed to you. Winners will also receive a randomly selected edition of one of the Obernewtyn Chronicles books. None will be the current editions. If you have indicated that you belong to an guild in your entry, you will receive 10 guild points for having your photo featured on Isobelle's wall. The final photo / winner that Isobelle features will receive a book, and an exclusive sneak-peak excerpt of The Red Queen, as it stands right now, which Isobelle will print out, sign and mail to you (with the understanding that the small portion you read may change prior to the book being released)! Along with this amazing gift from Isobelle, five of the photos featured will go into the 2013 Calendar, which will be available in our online zazzle store next year and from which all profits go to help pay for site fees. Enter as many times as you want, from now until the 14th December. Any questions? Ask in a comment below.
    6 years ago

    When do our points for having photos shared get added? :)

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    6 years ago

    Um...not to seem ungrateful or anything, but were the books not going to be signed?

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    6 years ago

    The overall winner of the competition was Sian, with this photo:

    Everyone else's photos were shared at one point or another, so everyone gets 10 extra sharing guild points, too.

    Congrats Sian!

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    6 years ago

    Do we have any idea as to when the winners of this comp will be announced? Just want to know, so I don't have to keep checking. But I'm happy to be as patient as I need to be. Just wondering.

    Sorry, I didn't realise I needed to be friends with Isobelle Carmody on Facebook to see her sharing the photos, and giving details about the comp! So if you were like me and wondering what was going on, go and give a friend request to IC, she won't bite!
    [ edited 20 Dec 12 : 17:00 ]

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    7 years ago

    Yeap, if they're unrecognisable that's fine - it's only if you can see their face that we need confirmation they're ok with being posted.

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