high_road_to_fantasy_isobelle_carmody_talk.jpg On Thursday 5th August 2010, Isobelle spoke at the Queenscliff Hotel as part of her The Red Wind release tour. She allowed the entire talk to be recorded with the intention of posting a transcript on Obernet for those who couldn't be there, which Deb has taken many, MANY hours to transcribe:

[hr][/hr]The entire mammoth transcript is posted here.

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Very big thanks go to Isobelle of course for the talk and editing the transcript prior to posting it here - and of course to Deb for taking the many, MANY hours listening to the recording to transcribe it!

That feeling of being on the brink of understanding something really important- maybe of finding the answer to the questions I am asking, maybe or of more fully understanding the question- is something I feel to some extent in every book I write.
I could easily set that aside and work on Darkbane, because I prefer to take a break between series books. But there is a momentum for this final book, partly because it grew out of one book, and partly because maybe I want that intensity for the last book- that over focus… But the next big thing I write once I finish The Red Queen, will be Darkbane.
...I always had this clear notion of where I wanted the Obernewtyn Chronicles to finish, but when I did finish there in the last book, my editor was outraged. She said, you can’t leave it there! I don’t like things to be too neat, you see...

To be honest, the transcript includes so many wonderful insights and highlights it's difficult to pick any part of it for a summary so don't take the above as 'it' - just go and read it: The High Road to Fantasy - Isobelle Carmody transcript.


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    Thanks for transcribing it, Deb!

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    WOOT! Thanks for getting it up so fast Min. And thanks to Isobelle for the photos!

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