wicked_wood_metro_winds_green_monkey_dreams_isobelle_carmody.jpg We heard from our lovely Allen & Unwin contacts today with several pieces of very exciting news!


1/ Wicked Wood - Tales from the Tower Book 2, will be out in October!

In this companion to The Wilful Eye, six writers reclaim fairytales that take us back to the deep dark woods of age-old storytelling, where wolves howl and not everything can be explained. Lose yourself in the forest, a place of danger, mystery and transformation. Praise for The Wilful Eye: 'Unnamed soldiers and hideous beasts are given a voice ... and wolves are still wolves, however they disguise themselves.' Australian Book Review 'sublime, with each tale landing a punch squarely between the old and the new, bewitching and terrifying.' Australian Bookseller & Publisher
If you're not sure what Tales from the Tower are, they're a series of short stories, collected by Isobelle Carmody and Nan McNab; book 1 contained Isobelle's short story Moth's Tale.

2/ Metro Winds, a new collection of Isobelle's short stories, will be published in May 2012.

3/ ...as will Green Monkey Dreams

That's right. Green. Monkey. Dreams. It is being reprinted. In May 2012. By Allen and Unwin. Massive news, for the Holy Grail of Carmody novels; an amazing collection of Isobelle Carmody short stories that many of us have scoured second hand book stores and sales for for years, for which we have been petitioning to be put back into publication for something like four years. Amazing, exciting news! Thank you A&U!


    11 years ago

    Yes!! Can't wait for Volume II and to finally get my hands on a copy of GMD!! :rolling:

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    11 years ago

    I'm fairly certain GMD will have a new cover Axe, just because our contact at A&U said she'd send it to us when they have it! :D

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    11 years ago

    Oh my Lud!
    This is fantastic! I think I'd better go start clearing space on my bookshelf...

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    11 years ago

    I didn't actuall know how hard to find GMD was. There is one copy in my school library and another two at my local library. Will it be printed with a new cover?

    I love the Tales of the Tower covers, I must go and read those books!
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    11 years ago

    I can't wait to get the chance to read Wicked Wood, I adored Volume 1 :D

    I love the cover. I think I'll have to make a special stand for the two volumes so I can have them side by side :)

    This day just got better and better, I can't wait for Green Monkey Dreams!

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