hannah_seraphim_journey_isobelle_carmody.jpg Today on insideadog.com.au, Isobelle blogged, as part of her author-in-residency for March 2012, a sneak-peak of her short story titled The Journey.
The Journey will be published in an anthology called Trust Me Too by Ford Street Publishing in June 2012.

[hr][/hr]What's particularly exciting about this short story is that it's set in The Beforetime, and focuses on Hannah Seraphim and William Reichler!
...She recognized him from the holovids and nuscan bites as soon as she was ushered into his office. Tall and handsome, electric blue eyes, a great eccentric mane of white-blond hair and a smile that seemed just a little too bright and wide in real life. William Reichler was fleshier than in the vids, but the visual slimdown might not be vanity...
To read the entire blog post and excerpt, be sure to head over to Isobelle's post, The Short Story (Pt 1). We've also got a copy of just the excerpt from The Journey over in our Sneak Peak & Excerpts section of the site, for archiving purposes.


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    So frikkin' excited about this!

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